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Mclaren unveils the new 650S Spider at Dubai International Motor Show

Reported by Matthew Thomas

We love Mclaren and were more than excited to learn that Mclaren Automotive was using the Dubai motor show to launch a brand new version of the fantastic 650S; the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79. The car will appear alongside the existing uprated 570S Coupe and a limited edition P1. This is the first time the company has showcased new three model tiers; the sport, super and ultimate series together.

The Sahara edition is the first time the Mclaren special ops division has come up with a bespoke model specifically for the Middle East. The “79” is in reference to gold’s atomic number which has 24 carat gold flakes included in the paintwork. The lavish colouring is very much in keeping with the regions propensity to the precious metal. The colour scheme has been carried from the bodywork into the interior. The folding hardtop roof will also allow the driver to enjoy the fantastic weather in the UAE at this time of year.

The Mclaren engineers have done a fantastic job of keeping the performance and economy figures unchanged despite the roof being lifted off. The 3.8litre twin turbo V8 produces 641bhp with a top speed of nigh on 330kph.

Customers in the region have always been big fans of bespoke touches to their vehicles whether it be individual stitching on the seats, unique colours and aerodynamic upgrades. So for the discerning super-car fan who is looking to truly stand out amongst the Ferraris’ and Lamborghinis’, look no further than the 650S Spider.

The McLaren 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO has a retail price of 1,456,308 AED.

Visit for more details.

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