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The Aston Martin Vulcan

Recently, at the Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin unveiled the car that petrolheads the world over had been eagerly awaiting confirmation of; The Vulcan.

As the name suggests this is not your average car. The £1.8million track-day car (that’s just under AED1o million) is set rival to the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX-K. No easy feat. With only 24 units being made and already a sell-out, this supercar looks to be Aston Martin’s most exhilarating and exclusive car to date.

The 800 plus bhp , all carbon fibre Vulcan promises truly extreme performance. The car will allow owners to tailor their track performance through a graduating scale of detailed power and dynamic performance adjustments.

Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer, said  “Aston Martin Vulcan is, by its very nature, a rareVuI_01-news2 and thrilling supercar. Designed and engineered to deliver a genuinely bespoke driving experience that draws on our rich heritage, this car tailors its power and handling to both the capabilities of the driver and the characteristics of the track. It’s a true sports car for true sports car lovers. I believe the Aston Martin Vulcan – and the unique ownership programme that sits behind it- sets a whole new standard in the ultra-high luxury supercar class.”

The design,  an entirely in-house Aston Martin creation, hints at the future of the Aston Martin sports car. It’s lean, it’s mean and it’s set to revolutionize 24 people’s lives.  The supercar is powered by the most potent iteration yet of the company’s naturally aspirated, 7.0 – litre V12 petrol engine. This front mid-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car draws extensively on the brand’s rich GT moptosport experience, it utilises techniques of world-class motorsport engineering. VuI_01-newshero

Aston Martin’s Director of Special Projects and Motorsport, David King, said: “Our deep and broad motorsport experience, allied to our renowned road car expertise, has allowed us to make the Aston Martin Vulcan the absolutely compelling proposition it is today.”

As this is not your average Aston Martin, cruising through the countryside on a Sunday isn’t an option. Prior to taking delivery of their cars, all 24 owners (wouldn’t you love to know just who they are?) will be offered the opportunity to take part in a detailed programme of intensive track driver training given by experienced racers, offering them the chance to refine their track driving techniques and increase their ability through getting behind the wheel of a number of high performance Aston Martins including the V12 Vantage S and the Vantage GT4 race car. These track days will commence in 2016 and will take place on some of the world’s most famous and glamorous race circuits.  For the price, we’d expect nothing less.

The Aston Martin Vulcan is without a doubt, beautiful. Utilising the sophisticated design we have come to love with the aesthetically astounding Aston Martin and taking it to a whole new level, an end of the spectrum that other car giants could only dream of reaching.

With an infinite option in terms of colour and trim, this exclusive new car will be personalised to each individual owner making each Vulcan truly one of a card.

Vulcan, by definition is the Roman god of fire and metalworking and this limited edition supercar encompasses exactly that.

Is this perhaps the first real machine of the future?


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