Fancy A Pad in London? Now’s The Time.

According to surveyors, house prices in the UK’s capital are moving in the opposite direction to the rest of the country, in that for once they are falling.

Data from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors reported that for the three months ending February 2015 property prices have fallen whereas the rest of the UK saw a consistent rise, led by Ireland and Scotland.

Although London reported its sixth monthly consecutive price fall in house prices, many buyers still believe that buying a property in the capital is simply “unattainable” and becoming further and further out of reach. This is a response to reports that on average, house prices will rise by another 30% in London over the next five years.

Perhaps now is the time to put your tax free savings into a box-sized (or bijou as they are more frequently referred to) property in arguably one of the most exciting and forward-thinking cities in the world.


Source: BBC News

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