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September Sapphires

There’s more to sapphires than Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and September is the perfect month to delve into an aqua blue fantasy courtesy of La Marquise Jewellery’s Ceylon Sapphire Collection.


September’s birthstone is more than just a pretty face and we unveil some ‘hidden gem’ facts about this beautiful blue stone in celebration of this vibrant new fine jewellery collection.


The Stone of September

September babies get to call this precious gem their birthstone. Said to be a stone that exudes wisdom, loyalty and nobility as well as representing the purity of the soul, wearing a Sapphire gives you a certain sense of spirituality.

Greek Heritage

Sapphire is in fact, the Greek word for blue; it is the second strongest stone and the fourth most expensive stone in the world – making them the most durable of all coloured gems.


Find Your Zen..

It has been historically used as protection from impure thoughts, harm and envy. This stone is said to focus the mind, encourage self-discipline and channel higher powers to help you be a better person.

The Celestial Stone

Ancient Persians called sapphire the ‘Celestial Stone.’ It was the gem of Apollo, Greek God of prophesies and was worn by worshippers visiting his shrine in Delphi to seek his help.


The Temperamental Stone

Sapphires were also once believed to protect against poisonous reptile and during the 13th century in France, people believed that sapphire transformed stupidity to wisdom and irritability to good temper.

Rare Beauty

The most revered sapphires in the world are Ceylon Sapphires and are found in Sri Lanka as they occur naturally. The hue, tone and saturation that contributes to its’ colour varies in each stone.


A Cut Above…

Ceylon sapphires are cut in a manner that maintains proportion and maximises the overall brilliance of the stone they are well known for their exclusivity, rarity, brilliant transparent surface and rich heritage.Established in 1999, the La Marquise Jewellery story commenced with the transformation of the precious stones into spectacular magnum opus, which are unique and splendid in its formation.

As you see, Sapphires are so much more than their brilliant blue colour. Complement yours with a sprinkling of frosted diamonds to create a beautiful symphony of colours.


La Marquise Jewellery’s customised approach to precious stones makes them an obvious choice for fine jewellery. The Ceylon Sapphire Collection by La Marquise Jewellery is dominated by deep translucent colors and the rarest sapphires, each premium stone is handpicked by La Marquise artisans to create a breath taking collection.

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