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Licensed to Grill – Prime 68 Brunch

Reported by Matthew Thomas

Brunch 068 is the newly revamped Prime 68 James Bond themed a la carte brunch. If you’re looking for a brunch with a more sophisticated feel then you have certainly come to the right place.

Located at Prime 68 steakhouse on the 68th floor of the tallest hotel in the world, the setting provides an amazing panoramic view of downtown Dubai and the newly opened Dubai Water Canal. The almost all-white décor is sleek, minimalist and stylish and fits perfectly with the James Bond theme.

The steakhouse already has a renowned reputation with a “License to Grill” and have opted for an extensive menu comprising of nearly 40 different dishes to try throughout the duration of the three-hour brunch. Each course was given a Bond title with a twist, whether its “Diamonds are for everybody”, the “Quantum of satisfaction” or the “World is not all Beouf”, it’s a creative and light-hearted way to present what is exceptional quality food.

FullSizeRender 8

Snapped on Location

Each course arrived beautifully presented on cleverly styled plates starting with a basket of signature Corn breads and rolls to accompany the Beef Tartar Cone amuse bouche. If your brunch doesn’t have an amuse bouche, it’s simply not fancy enough.

Beef Tartare _Brunch068

This was followed by an extensive collection of cold cuts, cheeses and salads including everyone’s favourite Waldorf Salad. Each dish was a sufficient portion individually so you’re never short of quality or quantity at each course.  It is important to note however, that round about this time the temptation to devour all that you see will be high but from experience we recommend that you pace yourself, this is just the beginning.


The waiting staff kept a good flow to the proceedings; not too fast that you felt unduly rushed but not too long that you became full or disinterested. It’s always a welcome addition to any brunch when your beverage is automatically refilled without having to ask. The next course was entitled the “Bond Classics” and featured some of the restaurant’s signature starters but with a unique twist especially for the discerning brunch enthusiast. The Foie Gras Parfait Lollipop served with a blueberry cotton candy was a personal favourite of ours. With the appetizers, well and truly wetting our appetites it was time for the main courses.


Here, we advise you to pull out your smartphone camera because the array of dishes was the best we’ve ever come across in all our years of brunching and is more than worthy of social media sharing. From the wild mushroom soup served in a Martini glass (naturally) to the succulent wagyu meatballs, a giant crab cake and tender short rib plateau, each dish was stylishly presented and offered a burst of flavour.

If that wasn’t enough the Tuna Tartar station allows you have this dish prepared fresh at the table to your requirements.

Mushroom Soup_Brunch068.jpg

The next course was without doubt the heavyweight course but as the pace and portion size was so well balanced you always felt you had a little extra room to try something else. For all you meat lovers out there this is an amazing feast in its own right. “The World is not all Beouf” course included beautifully seasoned Australian Beef Tenderloin, Ribeye steak and US Prime short braised ribs. A soft, fresh fillet of Seabass and marinated skewered shrimps accompanied by a selection of different sauces completed this huge spread of food. If that wasn’t enough for you already, then the side dishes might just push you over the metaphorical edge; sour cream mashed potato, sautéed Green Asparagus and Steak cooked fries were just a handful of our favourites that we unashamedly inhaled.


By the time dessert finally arrived we thought we were already beaten but the aesthetically pleasing mini bite-sized deserts warranted an attempt at least. 10 individual mini-treats including salted Caramel Brownie, Carrot Cake and the citrus cheesecake were more than worth the expanding waistline.


Not to be outdone, the Prime 68 team were not quite finished with us yet.  The “068 Secret Service” trolley was back in action visiting each table this time armed with eclairs that could be dipped in dark or white chocolate with your choice of bespoke topping. Throughout all of the courses the imaginative cocktail list and excellent house beverage grape options perfectly complemented the changing flavours and textures. The full bodied Chilean Merlot went especially well with the larger meat courses. Our favourite cocktails from the extensive list were the Mrs Frost, an eclectic mix of processo, vodka and passionfruit along with the Mayday, a bourbon, ginger ale and apple juice infusion. In true James Bond style the secret service trolley did the rounds during the brunch serving a choice of Martini, shaken not stirred of course.


This brunch has a somewhat unique adults-only, sophisticated atmosphere which we loved. No wayward children or overzealous party animals, just a brilliant theme carried off with real thought and attention to detail. Even the lemon peel in our cocktail had the 068 logo branded into it which perfectly summed this brunch up. Whether you’re a lover of Ian Fleming’s interpretation of the suave British secret agent or not, this is certainly a brunch that more than delivers, the world may “not be enough” but the experience at Prime 68 certainly is.

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