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Express Pampering at The Nail Spa

With summer holidays galore and an indecent need for a spot of pampering when the mercury is this high, The Nail Spa have just the solution.

Adopting an aptly named ‘Summer Escape’ theme over the coming months, TNS is the place to be to hide from the heat.


Having recently launched a new Express Facial Menu, we made a beeline for our favourite of all TNS locations, Mall of the Emirates, to try out this exciting new in-chair treatment alongside a traditional everlasting manicure and pedicure, perfect for an upcoming holiday.

If you’ve visited this particular brand of The Nail Spa you’ll know that you’re in for a treat; gleaming white lacquered walls adorned with a colourful mural and shade-spiration make for a fun and funky location. With iPad technology and an amazing artbar for those nail art advocates, it’s not your typical nail salon.  A handful of comfortable white leather armchairs line the compact space, each made private with a special automatic dividing screen, great for when want that little bit of extra anonymity.

If regular gel polish doesn’t evoke the gypsy-spirit in you in the lead up to your travels, we suggest taking advantage of the limited edition nail art collection ‘Summer Haze’ that is now available. From the bold, citrus sunsets of the Greek Isles that mystically melt into the horizon to the soft, lush landscapes of the jungles of Sri Lanka, these nail art designs are sure to bring both a fond memory to mind and blend seamlessly into your next locale.  By opting for Evo Gel polish or an Evo Gel topcoat to your tropical talons, your manicure will last up to three weeks! The very best thing however, is that Evo Gel is the first oxygenating gel polish on the market, meaning that your nails are free to breathe and don’t get damaged in the process.

Summer Haze - TNS


Whilst your nails are being tended to the new Express Facial Menu means your skin can get a simultaneous treat. In conjunction with Elemental Herbology, these express facials take only 30 minutes meaning that by the time you’ve finished your mani/pedi, your skin is also primped and primed to perfection!

TNS - Elemental Herbology

Elemental Herbology is a niche, luxury skincare brand which combines the most innovative technology with natural botanicals, to bring ultimate skin nutrition. Each product in the collection is 100% free of any synthetic materials which means it not only delivers visibly fresher skin but is also safe to use.  All of these products are based around the Five Element Theory in traditional Chinese medicine that believes that everything in life needs to work in harmony in order to achieve perfect equilibrium. Across the range, these different elements are used each with different benefits for example; Fire Zest promotes vitality, energy and clarity whereas Water Soothe is both deeply relaxing and calming.


Choosing an express facial that boosted radiance, I was treated to a blissful 30 minutes of hydration, tightening and restoration that left my skin feeling fresh faced and me feeling fancy free. As these products deeply penetrate the skin itself, I was still seeing the results of my speedy facial 3 days after.

For further information on services available at The Nail Spa please visit

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