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The Scent of Summer with Lootah

Every summer has a scent of its own, of those long, lazy days, exciting adventures and falling in love with beautiful places. LOOTAH, the perfumery giant that is a connoisseur of the finest fragrances, has created the most alluring of scents to bottle that summer feeling.

The fragrant oil, Renad is a harmonious blend of intriguing frangrance that invigorates and revives; it’s a fragrance that is designed to linger from sunrise to sunset.

Laced with the citrus scents of Neroli and Bergamot, this refreshing scent sweetens the day with its middle fruity note of raspberry. It further transcends to the base note of Patchouli that binds the fragrance together with its warm, woody touch.

Renad by LOOTAH

This signature scent draws inspiration not only from summer itself, but also the delicate grandeur of yesteryear – something that LOOTAH is renowned for. Loved across the UAE for their decadent Oriental and French perfumes, incenses, fragrant oud and luxury blended oils, LOOTAH enchants the senses.

Renad Fragrant Oil is available across LOOTAH outlets in the UAE, including the brand new location in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.


Priced at AED 350, 30ml

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