Hair Heaven with Lux Extensions Dubai

Swishy, glossy, long lustrous locks are practically a requirement when moving to and living in the UAE, second only to a resident visa – however, finding a reputable salon and technician can be quite tricky. There are several brands of hair and many a salon that offer hair extensions as standard, with methods including micro rings, wefts and keratin bonds on the menu, but which should you choose and where should you go when looking for that instagrammable mermaid style hair?

We recently discovered LuX Hair Extensions – a British import that is now available in Dubai and is known for its high quality double drawn hair, something that has been sparsely available across the UAE before. So what exactly does this mean and why is it important when choosing hair extensions? Well, LuX Extensions are consistent in this style across all their ranges so whether you are opting for a flat tip or stick top bond, the hair will be equally as thick from root to tip resulting in a thick, natural look for the same price you’d normally pay for notably thinner strands of hair.



This full bodied finish is what LuX are known for and has become the envy of the hair world. Not only are they easy to blend with all hair types and lengths but they can be cut and styled to suit your style preference – waves one day and poker straight locks the next with no scraggly ends.


Another thing that is of utmost importance when selected hair extensions is the hair quality itself. Whilst many glossy salons in the UAE state that they use only the highest grade of natural human hair, in reality the end result is poor and unable to withstand the harsh temperatures and hard water of the region leaving you with lacklustre, frizzy hair that is anything but desirable. The trick we have learnt through years of searching for the ultimate in hair extension quality is to not be swayed by just a brand name and a shiny advertising campaign but instead do your research and invest in a reputable, international company that is known for their high quality hair. LuX Extensions use Indian Remy Grade AAAAA hair, the highest quality processed 100% Remy human hair available on the market. This virgin hair has been gently coloured to offer a wide variety of shades and tones to best match your own hair colour. The lifespan of this hair then lasts between 6-8 months dependent on lifestyle and personal aftercare.

LuX offers four main methods of hair extensions including Fusion Bonding (Keratin), Nano Rings, Micro Rings and the LA Weave. With fusion bonding being one of the most established and evolutionary method of hair extensions, it is also still one of the most popular methods in the industry with many celebrities opting for this virtually invisible style. This method uses a safe amount of heat to fuse the extension with the natural hair. For those that are wary about heat and glue and prefer something a little more easily reversible, the Micro Ring is the most risk-free option. Hair is expertly looped through small plastic rings that can be easily removed when required. However, these Micro Rings do involve a higher level of maintenance to ensure that they don’t slip down the hair but in contrast, are the easiest method to reapply for interchangeable looks. The Nano Ring is the smaller version of the Micro Ring and for those short on time, the quickest application method is the LA Weave. Great for clients with minimal time, these extensions are applied in wefts and can a full head can be achieved in less than a hour. This hair is also easily reused so proves to be excellent value for money.


Something that also differentiates LuX from other brands and salons is their expertise in training in the art of hair extensions. LuX offers training courses in Dubai which are ideal for both beginners and the more experienced hair stylist. Through these professional accredited courses, you’ll be equipped with all the learnings you need to further your hair career. All courses include; a full professional training kit, an accredited certificate, access to trade shops and trade accounts for purchasing a range of premium hair, ongoing support from your educator and free social media advertising through the LuX Hair Extensions channels.

The course spans five days will see you be educated in these four hair extension methods and covers the whole hair extension industry itself, client consultations, working safely and efficiently, extension choice, colour matching, application, maintenance and aftercare, removal, cutting techniques, education, launching a business, insurance, advertising and pricing structure. Upon successful completion of the course you will also receive your very own ‘Pro Kit’ which comes inclusive with a step by step manual, consultation and aftercare advise sheets, heat connector, flat tip hair, stick tip hair, nano hair, weft hair, colour ring, training head and clamp, hairdressing scissor, pin tail comb,sectioning clips, heat protection mat, micro ring pliers, micro ring application tool, micro rings, nano rings, thread, threading and needles.

We sat down to have a chat with Katrina, the driving force between LuX Hair Extensions in Dubai, who not only explained the benefits of using LuX but also discussed in length her own notable experience in the hair industry and why clients flock to her in their droves from neighbouring Emirates to have their hair extensions fitted and maintained.


  1. How did you get into hair extensions? What is your background?

When i was 15 I decided like most teens to cut all my hair off as part of an image rebellion and instantly regretted it. I began experimenting with all types of hair extensions at a time when the hair extension industry had not yet evolved to how we know it today. This fascination with extensions led to me training to do them professionally and I found myself doing friend’s hair and gaining a real eye for both detail and style. I subsequently rented a small unit in Glasgow, UK and opened up a hair extensions salon and this is when I knew that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life – offering a chance to improve a women’s self-confidence and appearance by altering their hair length and volume. Last year we launched our wholesale website in the UK and we now ship worldwide – quite the journey.

2.What is LuX‘s USP? what is different about LuX extensions compared to other brands?

I’ve used the same manufacturer for over 10 years and trust the quality of hair that I sell and use on my own clients. This quality is my reputation and I will not compromise on such. All the hair that I produce is double drawn thickness from root to tip meaning when the full application of hair extensions is done it looks natural and voluminous – the ultimate desired effect. In fact, LuX are the only wholesaler that produces 1.2gram double drawn strands, which is the thickest on the market. As well as providing the physical hair extension service itself,  we are also a wholesale distributor and we fully believe in our product so much so that we sell it to other salons and technicians all over the world.

3.Having lived in the UAE now for some time, how have you seen the hair industry change? What are your opinions on hair extensions here compared to other parts of the world?

Unfortunately, in a place that is so ahead of its time in many areas, the UAE is still very behind in terms of its hair extension offering. It can be hard to find a good salon that provides all methods of hair extensions alongside professional, experienced staff that are highly qualified in this very niche area of hair styling.  It is imperative for both a hair extension technician and a hair salon that offers extensions to provide a variety of application methods to allow their clients the luxury of choice which will match their hair type implicitly; everyone’s hair is different and the extensions offering must reflect this – it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

4.What hair does LuX extensions use? How safe/ethical is this?

We only use 100% Indian Remy Grade 6A quality hair – this can last up to one year from first application.  This hair is best suited to all hair types which of course is carefully matched upon initial consultation. I ensure that despite a client’s wishes that I recommend which method of bonding is best for their individual hair type to eliminate the risk of breakage and shedding. Hair extensions are themselves entirely safe as long as they are put in and removed correctly – for example, I use natural coconut oil to remove Keratin Bonds to ensure that no harsh toxins are used on the hair that can strip away natural oils and result in splitting.

5.What types of extensions do you offer?
We currently provide 4 methods; Keratin bonds, micro rings, nano rings and the famed LA weave which is growing in popularity here in the UAE.
6.How long do hair extensions typically last? and what are your top 3 tips for maintaining then?
Our hair will last you up to 12 months when following the correct aftercare advice.
a) Use a hair extension shampoo and conditioner that has all the ingredients your hair extensions need to pro long their life span. As many market products contain ingredients that can strip the colour and dry out the extensions – the Balmain range is highly recommended.
b) Always blow dry your roots and where the bond of the extensions are fitted to ensure this area is properly dried. Leaving them wet will break the bond down over time and lead to shedding and ruin your extensions.
c) Keep up with your maintenance appointments. This is so we can do regular check ups on your hair and scalp and freshen up your extensions if needed.  This will keep your hair healthy and pro long the life span of your hair extensions. Don’t scrimp on maintenance!
7. Is there a particular trend for extensions that you are seeing at the moment? in terms of colour, length, style etc
The new nano ring method is so popular at the moment, even though it’s in fact been around for a few years it is only just getting established in the market. This method suites everyone as its a tint tip so it’s ideal for both very fine hair and thick hair as its the same amount of hair used and the ring holding it secure almost undetectable. I’m finding this method particularly popular with new mums who are experiencing hair thinning after giving birth; this new method allows them to have hair extensions as all other methods are not advised during this period. As the summer is approaching, clients are leaning towards wearing lighter coloured extensions to brighten up their look. Instead of dying the hair a block colour with bleach, we simply weave lighter strands of hair through their own hair so there is no up keep of root colour, resulting in a beautifully highlighted look that appears radiant against sunkissed skin.
8.Do you wear hair extensions yourself?
Of course! I’m a firm believer that you are your brand and your biggest PR. On a personal level, I couldn’t live without them! I’ve tried every method on myself and tend to switch between according to my lifestyle changes. At the moment, I have keratin bonds in which I love for the thickness that they give to my own hair – it’s the perfect optical illusion!
9.What is the best thing about hair extensions? and who is the ideal customer?
Everyone knows they’re great for volume and length – that’s no surprise! But it’s also a fantastic way to disguise a bad haircut or experiment with colour with absolutely no long-lasting damage – I love the ombre look that can be achieved through hair extensions with a natural, darker root lending itself to a wave of lighter curls at the end. It’s also a great way to achieve longstanding hair goals for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday.
My ideal customer is the new mum, I love working with them because its always a drastic and emotional change and to aid them in looking and feeling beautiful at such an important time of their live when more often than not they have little time for pampering themselves, is priceless.  This makes my job entirely worthwhile, knowing that I have made a difference to someone’s life.
10.Which celebrity hairstyle at the moment do you love and why?
I absolutely love Hailey Baldwin. Her modern ‘Rachel’ chop is essentially a messy lob (long-bob) but still has those signature flipped layers to play around with. The thick, choppy ends give such a great volume and create the appearance that the cut is longer than it actually is.
 After hearing such fabulous things about LuX Hair Extensions and how they are revolutionizing the UAE hair extension offering, we couldn’t not try them out for ourselves. Although beauty editor Loren’s hair is naturally thick and dark blonde, by inserting strategically placed keratin bonds in rows throughout, the overall length and volume increased, resulting in big, bouncy hair that is seamlessly blended. And that’s the secret – hair extensions that are undetectable.
To learn more about LuX Hair Extensions, the methods offered and how to book an appointment with Katrina yourself please visit www.luxhairextensions.co.uk or check them out on instagram at @dubaihairextensions.lux



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