Get Lash-a-licious with Pastels Salon’s Top Tips

Did you know that Pastels Salon here in the UAE has it’s very own resident lash expect in Laila Nazari? Laila used to work in prestigious department store Harrod’s in London and is an expert of everything lash and brow related. Here are her top tips for being lash-fabulous for the festive season.


Never use super-long super thick extensions

These will damage your natural lashes. Instead the 0.10 grade are perfect for every day because they are the closest weight to the natural lash, and in most cases it helps clients’ natural lashes to grow, not only because they are lighter but also there is no applying and removing of mascara which is one of the causes of eyelash damage. Lashes come in four different weights 0.25, 0.20, 0.15 and 0.10, they are all synthetic and hand cut.

Once applied, leave them alone!

Do not use oil based eye make-up removers, do not brush them! Do blow dry them for a few seconds after getting them wet as this sets the adhesive and fluffs the lashes. A good set of lash extensions should last for two-three weeks, depending on the cycle of your lash growth, sometimes longer. Basically if you are using fine, professionally-applied lashes then you can keep them as long as you want to.



Strip lashes are safe to use

But they do not look as natural as salon-applied fine lashes. DIY lashes are great if you just want to wear lashes as a one-off, such as for a night out.

Lash serum is a must

If you are not naturally blessed with long thick lashes then a lash serum such as Lilash will be your secret best friend.

Avoid lash curlers

They are very damaging to the natural lashes. Instead have an LVL treatment – it curves your natural lashes for up to 8 weeks and there is no damage to the lash.

Waterproof mascara is a big no

Trying to remove this can pull out the natural lash.

Maintain eyelashes

Use Lilash eyelash serum and almond oil.

Be gentle when removing eye makeup.

Remove the makeup in two ways – up and down – and never criss-cross the lashes.

For a consultation with Laila herself, book into Pastels Salon in Jumeirah, it’s completely free. Prices start from AED 370 for LVL treatment and AED 670 for Upper Lashes.

For further details, get in touch with Pastels Jumeirah Branch 04-388 3534/3397



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