5 Minutes with The BdB Blodrybar

Interview with owners of Dubai's BdB Blodrybar

Recently, we brought you the BdB Blodrybar, a hidden gem in Dubai’s Motor City that specializes in fantastic blow outs as well as all manner of hair services.

We caught up with owners Sumera Baakza and Asma Agha to steal a few minutes of their time to talk hair, hair and then a bit more hair!

What is the inspiration behind the Blodrybar? 
While visiting the US, we were introduced to the concept of a blow dry bar specializing in different styles of blow drys and thought it was a great idea to start in Dubai. We wanted to offer ladies “fabulous blow drys, all styles, all lengths at one price”.
How many years has the Blodrybar been open now?
Blodrybar opened it doors on Dec 31st 2013. We will be celebrating our 3rd year this December.
And what was the reason for opening?  
We opened Blodrybar as we felt women in Dubai needed a hair salon with a difference. A place where they could go for an amazing blow dry and pay one price regardless of their hair length or the style. We have continued to add styling services to our menu such as cuts and color, hair treatments, up dos and braids, to name a few as our aim is to position Blodrybar as a one stop shop for all the hair styling needs of our clients.
Who is the typical Blodrybar woman?    
The Blodrybar woman is a woman who is confident and self-assured. She is a multi tasker who has no time to waste but at the same time it’s important for her to look great and feel beautiful.
What is your most popular service/treatment?      
Our most popular service is one namesake; The Blow dry. especially one we call ‘Pillow Talk’ which gives the hair a bed head look. Our cuts and colour services are very high quality and remain in trend and our up dos and braids are a must try for those looking for a unique hairstyle.
What is different about the Blodrybar compared to other Dubai based hair salons?    
Salons in Dubai are too clinical and do not offer one fixed price. Blodrybar on the other hand is a place where women come to relax and unwind while getting their hair styled. We charge one price for all blow drys to all clients and that surely puts the clients at ease as they know what they will have to pay in the end.
In your opinion is there a shortage of hair and beauty salons in the immediate area of Motor/Sports City?    
There is actually no shortage of salons in this neighbourhood. However, with the exception of a few select salons all other salons in the area leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality of services and client experience. We know this from our own personal experiences.
Do you offer loyalty programs for repeat customers?
Yes, we offer a loyalty Program for all our clients as well as blow dry and color packages and monthly promotions.
What kind of service can clients expect at the Blodrybar?  
Our clients can expect a professional yet friendly service at Blodrybar. Our staff work as a team to ensure that our clients leave the salon relaxed and of course, with fantastic looking hair!
What is your background?    
(Sumera)We’re both originally from Pakistan. Asma lived and studied in the US before moving to Dubai 10 years ago whereas I lived in Singapore and moved here 5 years ago. Asma has a BBA in finance and is also a certified yoga instructor. I am an MBA who was teaching Business Communication at a local university before starting the Blodrybar.
 Is there a particular trend you are seeing at the moment in regards to haircare/styling?
At the moment choppy shoulder-length hair is it for 2016. An effortless, chic trendy haircut that needs little maintenance and has the “I woke up like this” look. With hair color people are getting a lot more experimental. The Ombre and balayage is here to stay but in the end its what suits the individual.
So there you have it, for red carpet worthy hair book an appointment at The Blodrybar today.

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