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Suzanne Kalan Brings Designer Jewels to the UAE

For those fashionistas in the know, LA-based Suzanne Kalan is the go-to brand when looking for aesthetically beautiful, unique jewellery.

Featuring custom-cut colourful gemstones and dramatically placed diamonds into 18-karat gold, the innovative collections adorn some of the world’s mot high profile celebrities including singers Katy Perry and Rihanna and actress Kate Beckinsale.


Now, these stunning pieces are available in our region both in-store at Sauce Rocks in the UAE and M.Fitaihi and L’AZURDE in Saudi Arabia, as well as being available to order online through e-commerce favourites Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus. and online.

So why do we love Suzanne Kalan pieces so much?

Well if not for the evident love of colour, each design effortlessly toes the line between symmetry and asymmetry, making for truly different pieces, each stone handpicked for its individual beauty.


The notable jewellery brand also developed the ‘Vitrine’ concept, which involves custom cutting gemstones flat on top and the bottom in order to reveal a paved diamond panel behind the gemstone. This signature custom cut continues to be an important design element in many of the most impressive Suzanne Kalan pieces.  The effect is the illusion of an explosion of scattered baguette diamonds behind large topazes and amethysts.

We love, love, love the ‘Fireworks’ collection which initiated a trend of using baguette diamonds in unconventional settings, a now signature trait of her coveted collections. This creates what we call ‘conversational jewellery’ and who doesn’t love their jewels being admired of an evening.

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