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Camp Out in the Snow at Ski Dubai

Are you sick of the searing temperatures now? Ready for Summer to be over? Looking for fun things to do on your weekends that don’t involve quite literally roasting on the beach? Well Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirate’s famed indoor ski resort thinks it might just have the answer for budding adventurers.

Proving that Dubai really is the land of making the impossible, possible, not only can you play with penguins and go zorbing in a shopping mall but now you can even camp out overnight in the snow, with Ski Dubai’s first-of-its kind overnight stay experience.

Slope 1

If spending your slumber in a cool  -4° C climate sounds like heaven right now, every Friday these special Camp Outs have been designed with adventure seekers in mind, posing the challenge of embracing sub-zero temperatures and spending a night on the slopes.

Happy campers will receive after-hours access to the ski resort and all of the Snow park facilities where you can ski and snowboard privately on the slopes before bedding down for the evening in a pre-erected two man tent set up with sleeping bags and a thermal mattress for extra comfort. You’ll be equipped with waterproof gloves, jackets and beanie hats as well as refreshments (warming mug of hot chocolate anyone?) so all that you need to bring is some steely determination.

unnamed (1)

To round off this one-a-kind experience, guests are rewarded for their bravery with a hearty breakfast in the onsite St Moritz Cafe.

These Camp Outs are yet another unique experience for residents and visitors to the UAE, allowing access that has never normally been available.

Available every Friday evening throughout the year.

Reservations can be secured via the Ski Dubai booking line on 800-386.







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