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The Big Apple Brunch at Tr!beca

It’s January which means a myriad of empty promises relating to healthy eating and decrease in beverage consumption. Brunching is somewhat of a UAE institution and just because you’ve made a few resolutions doesn’t mean you have to skip your favourite weekend pastime.

The Big Apple Brunch at Tr!beca, JA Ocean View’s trendy, New York inspired eatery is perfect for those watching the waist-lines this new year whilst still wanting to indulge in good food and good company over a brunch.

Taking place every Friday, the Big Apple Brunch is not your ordinary ‘stuff-your-face-until-your-sick’ affair, nor is it an excuse to dance on tables in five-inch heels in the middle of the day, this is a laid-back brunch focused on healthy, good quality fare, organic drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.

There are so many things that we love about Tr!beca’s early foray into the Dubai brunch scene, one of which is its lazy 2pm start, allowing for those all important weekend lie-ins.


It is a typical 3 hour brunch however but never once do you feel the need to ‘power hour’ your way through the organic delights on offer. Everything here is about taking your time, thank fully though the attentive waiting staff do not follow suit.

Tr!beca is the very first restaurant and bar in the JBR area to serve wholesome healthy food and drinks in a lounge bar environment and one year on from its opening, Dubai seems to have welcomed this alien concept well.

The food itself here is offered in two main ways; in a traditional buffet style and with a live cooking station headed by award-winning Chef Giovanni De Ambrosis.

What this brunch lacks in variety it more than makes up for in quality so bear this in mind. At first what seems like a rather uninspiring selection of salads and the odd pasta dish is in fact a selection of expertly prepared dishes from the Tr!beca menu. There are chick peas galore for the veggies amongst you and what seems to now be a brunch staple, the English roast dinner is also served up fresh, unfortunately minus obligatory Yorkshire puddings. The small bbq area serves a selection of meats from chicken skewers and grilled prawns to mini burgers and hot dogs which seem to be a hit with the unpretentious crowd.

For a lazy, laid-back brunch table serve would be great, but you can’t fault the food itself and you won’t go hungry. Drinks on offer are of the organic variety, although after a few I’m not sure anyone can tell. With the much-loved organic wines, classic house beverages and signature cocktails available throughout the brunch I was surprised to notice the atmosphere remained low-tempo throughout the course of the afternoon even when the resident DJ Stu Todd tried his best to get people up dancing with a mixture of classic 80s and 90s hits. The special homemade Tequilla Punch that was offered on the day we visited however, did go some way to getting a few groups singing along to Justin Bieber’s renditions.

Although fairly quiet, the brunch itself was busy with groups busily interacting amongst themselves, lost in happy animated chatter and only pausing to join in the singing for another tables birthday song. Whilst it may not be a brunch to make new friends it most certainly is the ideal place to reconnect with current ones, providing an easy, relaxed atmosphere to have a conversation (albeit a slurred one come 5pm) and enjoy a blissful Friday afternoon.

For a combination of the unique food choices, the chilled out vibe and excellent service the Big Apple Brunch at Tr!beca is certainly one to try, couple this with a reasonable price tag compared to most brunches and the fact that you’ll leave feeling full but not in the slightest guilty for ruining your diet, it’s tough to beat.

BIG APPLE BRUNCH is every Friday, from 2pm till 6pm.

349AED (with selected house beverages & cocktails)

199AED (soft drinks)

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