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Give the gift of timeless love with Cartier

If you’re already in the post-Christmas panic which can only mean that Valentine’s Day is a mere six weeks away then Cartier promises to be much more than just an iconic red box, for the Cartier Love bracelet is becoming somewhat of a savvy investment.

The Cartier Love bracelet, I’m sure, needs no introduction for this tiny bangle has been adorning the wrists of the rich and famous for many a year now, from Kylie Jenner to Naomi Watts, everyone who’s anyone is wearing this unique piece of jewellery and its popularity is anything but slowing down, in fact a major resurgence is on the cards making it an ideal gift choice for your loved one.

This pricy bracelet, with the cheapest costing around $1,630 in pink or yellow gold and can go up to steeply in price for the diamond adorned variations ( you’re looking at anything between $5,000 to $40,000), comes is called a Love bracelet for one very simple, yet revolutionary design concept; two halves that are joined by a mini screwdriver.


The fact that this bracelet needs to be physically bolted together by another steady hand, or yourself if you’re able, makes it somewhat difficult to remove resembling a locked heart. Aww.

The screwdriver is in fact, crucial to the meaning behind the bracelet. This jewellery piece has been an icon in Cartier’s design portfolio, created back in 1969 by designer Aldo Cipullo who states that “Love symbols should suggest and everlasting quality. Love has become too commercial, yet life without love is nothing. People want love symbols that look semi-permanent, or at least, require a trick to remove”.

In the six months ending in September 2015, sales for Cartier’s parent company, Richemont were up 15%, and jewellery sales up 18% proving that the luxury goods industry is still very much booming.

So, if you’re stuck for gift ideas and have a few thousand dirhams in your wallet, them look no further than Cartier to give the gift of love.

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