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New Year, New You with Vaniday

Vaniday is your new beauty bestie. Literally.

This revolutionary new app allows you to book all your pampering at the push of a button.

No more whispering into the receiver as you try and book a (hushed) appointment to be waxed whilst sitting in the office and an end to “Are-you-getting-your-nails-done-again?” debates with your other half, for Vaniday is a quick and simple to use booking service featuring numerous beauty salons and spas across the UAE.

I’d heard of the app but decided to try it out for myself to see if it really did make beautifying that bit easier. Available for both Android and iOS, I was able to download the app on both my personal and work phone so I was never far away from my next massage. or nail manicure or hair cut. or facial. or….

The app itself, although it offers both booking for men’s and women’s services, is rather girly in appearance although its ease in navigation makes this a rather handy little tool and something both the sexes can enjoy.

You can discover beauty salons and services in your area and even check availability to suit your own schedule, making ancient history of those long-winded phonecalls. One of the best things I discovered about Vaniday and not just that it led me to a brand new salon that I will definitely return to, was that you can compare prices between each spa or salon in order to take advantage of special promotions and get more ‘bangs’ for your buck. Pun intended.

You can register your credit card for ease of payment or opt to pay on the day, if you pay online you can take advantage of many of the promotional offers that Vaniday regularly offers its users.

I decided to book in a whole new hair colour with Jacques La Coup, the in-house salon at The Address Dubai Marina, just across the road from my office. Resisting the urge to type in ‘Victoria’s Secret Angel’ in the search bar I simply typed in a more realistic ‘Hair Highlights’ which brought up a whole long illustrated list of salons that offered this service ranked in order of proximity to my current destination. Each listing was rated in terms of price (expense displayed by clever little dollar signs) and gave me the approximate price of the service required. Much simpler than scouring through websites trying to find a non-existent price list.


By clicking on a desired outlet you are presented with a list of all services offered and a brief bio on the salon itself. All you have to do is click on the service you require and press ‘book’ it’s really that simple. A calendar  pops up  and you choose the time and date you wish to visit and voila! booking made.

An email confirmation gets sent directly to your registered address and you’re able to amend or cancel the booking easily through the app.

Yes, I did call the salon myself once to confirm the booking a day before my appointment, so perhaps Vaniday could in the future, offer something to do this for you in the form of an SMS or in app notification but all-in-all my experience was an enjoyable one. Who doesn’t love looking at all the beauty treatments on offer in the region?

The temptation to book a whole makeover every week however, is quite high!

Vaniday can be downloaded through the app store or visit the website for more details

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