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Get Party Ready With Designer 24

‘Tis the season to dress up and so many parties means more than a handful of fabulous dresses.

For those of us not blessed with a Sheika’s wardrobe, Designer 24 may just be your saving grace.

Designer-24 is an online designer dress hire service based in the UAE with a luxury closet filled with just about every notable designer worthy of their red carpet gowns.

But its not just black tie attire that you can hire, for every occasion is catered for with key runway looks; from cocktail to weddings, day dresses to work wear, you can borrow the latest looks straight off the international catwalks just like a celebrity.

Browse the online store of gorgeous dresses available to filter by size, location, price and even colour, reducing the time and effort it takes to pick the perfect dress. Once you’ve chosen your perfect outfit, you simply mark out the day or days that you require it for and it is sent off for processing, delivering before the day you need it, allowing enough time to try it on. What’s best is the delivery is free and you can even select two sizes of the same dress at no extra cost to ensure the best fit.

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Your dress arrives freshly pressed from the dry cleaner and all you need to do is worry about looking amazing.

Next day the dress is collected from your location saving you the time of having to get it back. It really couldn’t be simpler.

With designers in stock such as Marchesa and Amanda Wakeley it’s never been easier to find the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the cost it would take to purchase.

At Designer 24 you no longer have to worry about being seen in the same dress twice.

Don’t delay, try it now.


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