Burj Al Arab Now on Google Street View

Burj Al Arab opens its doors to Google Street View allowing the world access to its luxurious interior

The legendary Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7* hotel in Dubai, has opened its doors to Google Street View allowing the world access inside it’s luxurious interior.

This is a first for the hotel industry and marks a turn in the hospitality industry as a whole as a brand new way to market a property, not that this iconic structure needs marketing to the masses, at thousands of dirhams per night for one of the decadent suites.

The world’s most luxurious hotel launched Google Street View to allow prospective guests (and nosey internet go-ers) the explore the building, including its Royal Suite ( all 8,395 square-ft of it) and helipad. Users can virtually walk the hotel’s atrium, restaurants, spa and roof-top bar and lounge.


Image by Google / Jumeirah Group


The Burj Al Arab is without a doubt the world’s most famous hotel, synonymous with outstanding opulence.  From the chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce available to guests to the gold iPads given for use at the hotel upon arrival, every aspect of this hotel has been designed with the most discerning guest in mind, which is why this iconic hotel has played host to some of the world’s iconic figures over its 15 year history.


Revealing its collaboration with Google, Jumeirah Inside is a 360-degree interactive platform that works as Google’s Street View service does on roads – users can navigate the view and move from room to lobby. Ascending up the hotel is easy as each area has a point of view video showing how the guest might be greeted when actually staying at the hotel. A helicopter even awaits for your virtual self as you visit the helipad, some 210 metres above sea level.

Check out the lavish interior of the Royal Suite, rich in colour and lashings of gold or take a virtual dive into the infinity pool at the Talise Spa.

Image by Google / Jumeirah Group

Google described this revolutionary new project with Jumeirah as a first in the industry “offering a fully immersive digital travel platform”, adding “this is not just a tour through a building, it’s a journey through a brand.” Something Jumeirah Group are very proud of. The program also allows users to check availability at the hotel as well as exploring other hotels across the world in the Jumeirah Group portfolio.

The program works on desktop, tablet and mobile and is available in five languages – English, Arabic, German, Russian and Mandarin.


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