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Kid’s Love Fendi FW 2015 -2016

Little ones love to look just as good as their grown up counterparts and the Fendi Autumn/Winter ’15 collection is something mums and their tykes will be lusting after.

We have all clapped our fashion radars onto Fendi’s bad bugs this season and oh how we love their scowling faces and playful take on a seasonal motif and the bad bugs has also translated through to the kids wear range.

In fact, it’s a patchwork frenzy over at Fendi with patches embroidered with a variety of fun symbols that identify and constitute the world of Fendi, they might be too young to understand irony but you’ll certainly have fun dressing them!

It’s fun, frivolous and kids will love to wear the collection. From sweaters to dresses, scarves to bobble hats, everything has been designed to infuse a sense of lively innocence into your children’s Winter wear.

For extra little ones, baby clothes focus on a palette of soft pastels with rompers, cute dresses and nursery kits for the boys and little monsters and new graphics for the boys.

Fendi Kids can be found at the Dubai Mall.


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