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Limited Edition Versace Fine Jewellery

If there is one thing in life we love its Versace.

We love its gilt ostentatious designs, its thigh skimming dresses and it’s inability to be anything other than totally and utterly fabulous.

So when we clapped our beady eyes on the Versace fine jewellery iconic limited edition collection we literally rubbed our ringless hands together in glee.

Us Dubai-ers love a good limited edition collection of, well anything really and this new range of high-end jewellery has been inspired by early creations of Versace and then revamped by Donatella herself.

This iconic exclusive collection is unmistakably a cultural time-lapse journey to the brand’s luxurious Italian origins and the legendary heritage of the House of Versace. The Medusa is at the very heart of the collection of course, the eternal symbol of power and the iconic motif of Versace brought to life. Large knuckle-duster rings sit alongside heavy gilt chains that would set off any outfit and bring it to the very height of ‘bling chic’. The powerful Medusa is set in yellow gold, encircled with brilliant cut sparkling diamonds. The chains of the necklaces are all 18k gold and the bracelets are engraved with Versace’s Greek key and further encrusted with diamonds. This is not a collection for the faint-hearted, this collection is for die-hard fashionistas looking to own a piece of fashion history.

Also highlighted in the collection is the legendary Greek key, which sets the graphic tone of mythology and classicism.

Each piece of this gorgeous collection portrays Versace’s DNA and whats more, each jewellery set whether it is the necklace, bracelet or ring is numbered and limited to just 100 pieces.

We love everything about it, another fabulous offering from our favourite fashion house.

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