Treat Your Hair with KEVIN.MURPHY TREAT.ME

If you don’t know the name Kevin Murphy, you should.

Marketed as skincare for the hair, the luxurious product range is exactly that and now a new product from the range – TREAT.ME is available at Marquee salons across the UAE.

Marquee provides a fresh approach to hairdressing and consistent with its innovations, the brainchild of Founder and CEO of The Nail Spa, Shabana Karim.

We’re never one to shy away from a product that promises us strong, soft and smooth tresses and TREAT.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY does exactly that. It injects nourishment and acts as a deep conditioner to the hair, promoting shine and lasting results in a treatment that takes as little as 15 minutes.

Kevin.Murphy Treat.Me Launch - Marquee

Designed to give you a professional in-salon experience, the TREAT.ME range contains full strength treatments that combine that best of nature and technology with that of skincare technology.

The serum type treatment is effective for all types thanks to its high concentration of active, potent ingredients that are typically used in skincare such as Moringa Oil and Gardenia Extracts. Get ready for the science bit… Due to these ingredients being in the structure of the serum they work with a smaller molecular structure where the ingredients can absorb into the cortex giving not only instant, but lasting results.

We’re sold!

The products in the range are high in strength and can be tailored to your personal hair needs, whether it is strength or moisture.

The treatment masque is added to the hair, followed by everyone’s favourite part, an invigorating head massage which stimulates the scalp. To maximum effects you are then sat under a moisture mist machine for around 20 minutes. The steam from this machine opens up the cuticles of the hair allowing the treatment to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Once the treatment is finished the steams blows out cold air to close the cuticle.

The KEVIN.MURPHY TREAT.ME experience and product range is available at all Marquee salons across Dubai and Abu Dhabi for AED 150 plus an additional AED 150 for a signature hair facial.

For bookings and enquiries visit www.marquee.ae





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