Blitz Your Body with Rebecca Treston at Euromed Clinic

Anything that promises to lose me inches from my love handles is worth a try in my book so when I discovered the Body Blitz at Dubai’s Euromed Clinic I was more than a little intrigued.

Recommended by Rebecca Treston at Euromed, a licensed medical aesthetician and laser specialist and also a member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing AND the founder and manager of Rebecca Treston at Euromed,  the treatment lasts less an hour and preaches immediate results.

The Total Body Blitz package by Rebecca Treston at Euromed features several well-known aesthetic treatments and is designed as a combination to sculpt and shape your body.


“This is a fantastic treatment and because you see results immediately, it is ideal for a night out. That said, it can also be used as a motivational kickstart for anyone who wants to embark on a long-term weight loss plan or shape up.” – Rebecca tells me.

Euromed Clinic is located in Jumeirah, making it easily accessible, with an entrance hidden from the main road, privacy is optimum here.  With comfortable, modern interiors including a resident aquarium everything is designed to put you at ease when considering the list of aesthetic treatments on offer here, is more welcoming.

I was led into a small treatment room to begin my consultation for the Total Body Blitz, where I was asked to pick one part of my body to focus on, quite a task for a woman in her thirties! I settled on most woman’s nemesis, my love handles. Now, although not excessive, I could definitely do with a little help in trimming these down and I was told the Total Body Blitz was just the thing.

After initial (harrowing) measurements and photographs were taken of my target area, I was explained to in detail about the steps of the treatment.

Each part of the Total Body Blitz aims to address one aspect of the body’s appearance.

Firstly, after being made comfortable on the treatment table with towels to protect my modesty I was told that the first step was all about burning that fat, or melting it as it is often lovingly referred to. This is performed by an ultrasound cavitation. This is a painless procedure that works by bombarding the targeted fat cells with precision levels of energy and then further breaking them down in the body. This part of the treatment does in fact not hurt a touch, in fact it isn’t even uncomfortable, perhaps the most uncomfortable thing about it is the piercing ring you can see from the penetration. Each side of my lower waistline is subjected to the fat melt as well as the front abdominal area.


The next part of the overall treatment is revital radio-frequency, which to us non-practitioners translates to ‘tightening flabby skin’, again a most welcome treatment. This non-surgical treatment works  by stimulating the body’s own natural collagen, helping to rejuvenate existing collagen and encourage new collagen to grow which in turn improves skin texture, tone and appearance.


Next came the a session on the Proellixe. Once dressed you stand on a machine which in theory is very similar to the standard power plates of yesteryear, using advanced vibration technology. For around 7-8 minutes you achieve a whole body workout, experiencing optimum lymphatic drainage. This part of the treatment benefits you by improving muscle strength and performance and accelerating weight loss.

After my treatment those all important measurements and photographs were re-taken and although psychologically I felt trim, I was of course still a journalist, and skeptical. However, I was left ‘eating my words’ as one swoop of a tape measure proved that in fact I had lost 1.5cm from my wobbly bits. The average is 2cm with a maximum being 5cm from the first treatment which is followed by further loss after drinking lots of water post treatment to flush away the toxins and full results shown in a few days. I was more than delighted with my 1.5cm.

The treatments on offer from Rebecca Treston at Euromed show her dedication to the latest technological and medical advances and also justify her reputation as a pioneer in this area, bringing cutting-edge technology and treatments such as these to the Dubai market.

Other variations on the treatment available include the radio frequency being used for the face as well as the body, tightening ageing, sagging skin. The Ultherapy is proving popular since its recent inaugeration, which is an alternative to a mini-facelift.


Rebecca Treston at Euromed


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