Detox the Delightful Way

For detox virgins like myself, the idea of surviving on nothing but juice for any period of time is quite literally heart-thumpingly scary but after burning the candle at both ends for a little while and looking for a way to rid myself of the toxins that had set up residence in my weary body, I was introduced to Detox Delight.

Detox Delight promised to be an enjoyable way to kick-start a healthier regime and by using a holistic approach to nutrition and well-being is decidedly less scary than a lot of cult detox plans that litter the internet and gossip magazines the world over.

Detox Delight is self-admittedly, designed for people who lead demanding lives, both work and play yet don’t wish to neglect their well-being. This is me.


By placing a focus on a natural, nutrient rich diet that supports self-purification of the body, it is said to be an ideal weight management technique with minimum interruption to your daily routine.
As any Dubai journo worth her moleskine knows, trying to diet whilst balancing press lunches, dinners and champagne rich launch parties is somewhat of a challenge and skipping the Malteasers during the day when you are deskbound might easily be ruined by a glass of bubbles or a juicy steak in the evening so I was intrigued to see how I would manage.
Detox Delight comprise a plan for you based on your requirements and preferences or you can opt for one of the pret-a-porter packages direct from their easy-to-navigate website.
My plan was tailored for a novice detoxer and consisted of both juice, soup and salad which didn’t sound too harrowing. Your daily plan is delivered to your home or office to make things even easier for you, there is no need for rushed, expensive shopping trips and skipping ingredients that you cannot find here.
Having blocked out my social calendar for a week, determined to make the most of my detox I was both excited and apprehensive for day one.
Day One
Right on the dot a large container containing my meal plan was delivered to the office, prompting more than a few interested eyes around my desk. My plan today was ‘Botanical Delight’ which consisted of a selection of juices and a salad in beautifuly girly packaging complete with instructions on what to eat/drink when. Foolproof. For breakfast I enjoyed a mango smoothie with coconut water, actually rather tasty and probably more filling than my usual bowl of Coco Pops. This was followed by a Detox juice at a time of my choice and another juice in the afternoon. The juices were fresh and consistent, consisting of a mixture of vegetables and fruits. For lunch I was treated to a Thai asparagus pineapple & mangetout salad with cashews and coconut chilli dressing which was actually rather delicious. For the evening the vegetable curry was also a delight in itself! Sweet potato, red onion, carrot and peppers lay alongside spinach, parsley and coconut. Day one was a doddle.
FullSizeRender (2)
Day Two and Three
No such luck. Gone was the hand-holding of Day One and the core of the detox began. A full program of juicing and soups began. Not used to a purely liquid diet these two days were probably the hardest as you adjust to not eating properly. Although as each juice is rich in nutrients, you do not feel hungry, I think it is more psychological. A selection of juices with the aim of rejuvenating the skin and reducing weight were given. By not taking in any solid food I was told that my digestive system and metabolism have significantly less strain put on them and therefore work more effectively. I thoroughly enjoyed the hearty lentil soup and you even get a little treat in the form of adding a creamy topping for extra flavour. All Detox Delight’s soups contain valuable plant proteins and unlike commercial products are unpasteurized and do not contain any of those pesky preservatives.
FullSizeRender (3)
Day Four
A purely juicing day. To my surprise my body had adjusted quite well and I wasn’t feeling as tired or hungry as I thought I would, in fact I would even go as far as saying I felt a little less lethargic. The pure juice day is apparently one of the best experiences that you can give your body. The juices were a colouful mix and even included the rather scarily looking (but delicious) Charcoal lemonade. I am quite wary of drinking anything that is jet black in nature as an unwritten rule but so intrigued was I to discover the taste and smell and of course the effects of this odd-looking juice that it felt less of a chore.
Now, Activated Charcoal is the beauty-secret du jour, the truth behind many an A-lister’s red carpet glow and if it’s good enough for Gwen it sure is good enough for me. This deep-black anti-ageing helper binds toxins,gases and acids and just like a sponge it prevents its absorption into cells. The secret is its activation with oxygen. Millions of small pores are formed between carbon atoms and the surface of the coal is increased and acts by absorption as a natural magnet for toxins, which makes cells protected from said toxins, supporting the anti-ageing process. It is actually completely tasteless and now available in the UAE through Detox Delight, is a miracle-working juice.
Day Five – The Final Hurdle

After a near miss with a plate of spaghetti I managed to stick to my Super Green Delight. As the name suggests this is a deep level detox, flooding the body properly with chlorophyll. Remember biology lessons at school anyone? Working on a cellular level, the Super Green Delight focuses on basic vegetable varieties and fresh electrolyte-rich coconut water to accelerate the detox effect. Expect juices with lots of greens from leafy spinach, cabbage, herbs and grasses which are known for their cleansing and healing properties. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this was particularly enjoyable but for one day out of five it was manageable, I would recommend steering clear of a longer-period Super Green Delight cleanser unless you are a seasoned detoxer.
You can also add detox snacks to your plan such as delicious spicy crackers and kale crisps.

I am pleased to say I managed to last five days and actually quite enjoyed it. The process was easy, I felt healthy and relaxed and thanks to the well-balanced nutrition plan provided by Detox Delight, I didn’t even feel hungry. Each menu is conceived by detox specialists around the globe and Detox Delight are on hand to provide helpful tips for any side-affects such as nausea and light-headedness as well as around-the clock support should you have any questions.
As for my first experience of detoxing, I would go as far as saying it was rather enjoyable and my jeans feel a little looser for the effort. Win-win.

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