London Takes A Leaf Out of Dubai’s Book With The World’s First Sky Pool

London plans to suspend swimming pool as part of a new development in Battersea, SW London

London is known for its dramatic architecture, from historical monuments to searing skyscrapers, over the recent years it has upped its game in terms of high rises.

Now, it seems the UK’s capital has been seeking inspiration from sunnier shores with the planned addition of a 25-metre swimming pool suspended in mid-air.

You might not think there is much need for swimming pools in a city where it rains more than it shines but this innovative feature looks set to cause somewhat of a property stampede. The pool, suspended between two apartment blocks 10 storeys up is part of a new development near the former Battersea Power Station in South West London.

The transparent sky pool will, the developers say, be the first of its kind in the world. Dubai, cover your ears. It will allow brave swimmers to look down to the city below as they take a dip with only a smidgen of 20cm glass between them and the outside world, something that wouldn’t look out-of-place in the UAE or indeed, Las Vegas, pioneers in outstanding record-breaking architecture.

Residents of the building who will be spending upwards of £602,000 for the privilege, will be able to swim between the two buildings on the sky deck which will also boast a spa, bar and orangery with prime views out across the Houses of Parliament.

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Developers Ballymore say the pool designed by Arup Associates with input from aquarium designers Reynolds,has already been granted planning permission and will be structure free. The pool will be part of the Embassy Gardens development at Nine Elms, an enormous £15bn building project which is creating thousands of homes for well-healed London residents.

Ballymore’s chairman and CEO, Sean Mulryan said: “ My vision for the sky pool stemmed from a desire to push the boundaries in the capability of construction and engineering, I wanted to do something that had never been done before.”

Currently, The Shard in London Bridge holds the title for Europe’s highest swimming pool on the 52nd floor.

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