Mile High Massage

For a couple’s massage you’d be hard pushed to find a more romantic and luxurious place than Armani/Spa inside the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The Armani hotel name is synonymous with luxury and elegant style and the adjoining spa is no exception.

Entering through the main hotel reception as you drive up to the foot of the world’s tallest building, you are whisked up in the elevators to the spa, a tranquil haven of sophisticated beauty.

Armani/Spa isn’t your ordinary spa and this isn’t solely due to its unrivaled location. The clean, sleek sweeping lines of the interior, polished wood, dim lighting and curved edges ooze Giorgio Armani’s signature style. The flickering lantern lit reception hints at romance, neither too masculine or feminine which appeals to both the sexes an makes an ideal place to share special moments.

Armani/Spa calls itself a ‘Life Spa’, reflecting the international Armani lifestyle and design philosophies which leads itself to the truly individual spaces that offer relaxation and treatments. Each spa therapy has been expertly designed to fulfill a different life goal, whether relaxation or rejuvenation. MU, FLUIDITÀ and LIBERTÀ are trusted therapeutic and holistic techniques which are further enhanced by using soft, warm fabrics of natural textures featuring Armani’s bespoke fragrances Bois, Jasmine and Jade oils. MU is perfect for relaxation and stillness, LIBERTÀ is great for relieving muscle pain and FLUIDITÀ restores a sense of balance.

For a couple the experience starts as soon as you enter, transported into a world of luxury, a tranquil haven. There is a separate pre- treatment spa area for men and women so you are your beloved will be parted for a period of time. A dark circular room plays home to a steam, sauna and ice-cold shower which you are free to enjoy at your leisure before treatment. There is also an outdoor terrace which is truly spectacular where you can be reunited with your partner and take a dip in the pool or simply recline and relax on one of the comfortable loungers looking up in wonder at the architectural masterpiece that is the Burj Khalifa, I really think it could possibly be one of the world’s most amazing views from a spa.

You are collected for your treatment and ushered along the twinkling corridor to the couples treatment room.

You are educated on the types of massage on offer from deep tissue to relaxation and energizing as well as the fabulous scented oils on offer. As I am a notorious stressed, over-worked journalist suffering from insomnia I opted for a deep tissue massage using MU oils to hopefully send me off into a state of blissful relaxation. My eager other half however decided that he wanted to be energized and his senses awakened (which was good news for me considering the close proximity of Dubai Mall) so he chose a deep tissue massage with FLUIDITÀ as his treatment type of choice.

Lain side by side in a dimly lit room whilst the therapists got to grips with our weary limbs was enough to send me into a blissful slumber. The subtle atmospheric music combined with the warm, aromatic Jasmine infused eye pillow deprives you of your sight and instead forces you to inhale and succumb to the relaxing nature of a true, deep tissue massage.

I have had many massages over the years, as has my partner, but few deep tissue massages are truly that and sometimes you can leave feeling a little disappointed and laden with stiff muscles. There is no chance at that here. Be sure that when you ask for a deep tissue massage that this is what you really mean as I am pleased to report that the therapists leave no knot untouched.

My other halves massage was slightly more invigorating, with energizing body draining techniques used by a soft body brush which improves the lymphatic circulation.

For a true, luxury spa experience and one that can be shared with your nearest and dearest Armani/Spa is a fantastic option.

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