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Roll Up, Roll Up, It’s Time to Get Your Freak On.

After a quiet month of reflection, we are excited that our favourite nightspot is back and boy, is it back with a bang!

Cirque Le Soir is unlike any other bar and nightclub in the region, known for its seriously freaky entertainment and parties, it’s the craziness kid on the block and we love the Fairmont’s basement club.

Now Cirque is back it promises to be bigger and better than ever and I’m pleased to confirm this is completely true. Expect clowns, snake charmers, dwarfs, contortionists,stilt walkers, sword swallowers (ouch) and a whole host of wacky entertainment in this devilishly decadent club.

Entering Cirque le Soir is like entering a different world, a parallel universe if you will. Descend down the dimly lit stars into a whole word of debauchery, it’s the place where you leave your inhibitions at the door, ready to get freaky.

With an internationally renowned reputation, Cirque le Soir prides itself on its unique clubbing experience and whether you’re stood at the bar with a cocktail in hand or dancing around your table, hands in the air like you just don’t care, you’re promised a clubbing experience unlike any other.

It’s new line-up is bigger, better and more scandalous than ever, its easy to see why this is the most talked about club in Dubai still.  Our favourite part about Cirque? BOOM BOOM. Who is BOOM BOOM I hear you cry? and does he really shake the room? He’s big, he’s loud and he’s all kinds of bonkers; from immersing himself in a bath of baked beans or dressed head to toe as a crazed clown, BOOM BOOM knows how to party and he’s invited all of us to join him.

For the rest of July Cirque Le Soir is returning in style with resident DJs Scottie B and MR Shef Codes amongst the line up playing Hip-Hop Chic Mondays, Censored Tuesday’s, Bordel Thursdays and Get Cirqued La Friday, there’s an excuse for every night.

But let’s be honest we come to Cirque Le Soir for the performers as much as the fantastic music, we want to be entertained. TRIPLAND is back on a Wednesday along with the notorious grass tunnel which we will let you experience for yourselves without giving too much away! It’s a different world midweek with a darker, deeper side of house music.  Be warned!

If like me, you fancy donning your best threads and starting the weekend in style then new night, BORDEL is your answer. BORDEL promises some of the best resident DJs from the world’s best venues playing an edgy, freaky mix of house music alongside the crazy performers we’ve come to know and love. Just don’t book a brunch on the Friday!

If in doubt, go by Cirque’s own motto: If you don’t know, don’t worry….

Words to live by. See you on the other side.


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