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Welcome to The Dollhouse

If you’re looking for glamour then you all paths lead to The Dollhouse.

An impossibly girly looking (and named) beauty salon located in the swanky Dubai Ladies’ Club, The Dollhouse is a one-stop shop for all your hair & beauty needs.

Swayed by the inventive name and its amenable reputation in Dubai I stopped by to get pampered before a girly night out on the town.

One things for sure, you can’t miss the salon. An enormous pink neon sign greets you upon entry resembling more of a nightclub than a beauty parlour, but if there is one thing I can’t resist, it’s giant, bubblegum pink neon, It’s like a moth to a flame or glamourpuss to a hairdryer.

The inside is no different, full of colour, funky furniture and huge gold mirrors, it’s literally like stepping inside every girl’s childhood fantasy. Hair extensions line the walls sitting alongside golden bottles of self-tan and Ciate nail polishes, I firmly hide my purse in my bag from myself, The Dollhouse could prove to be dangerous.

Attention to detail is the order of the day at The Dollhouse, iPads adorn each preening station so if the huge stack of magazines isn’t enough for you, you can surf away online catching up on the latest celebrity gossip or reruns of your favourite guilty pleasures whilst the friendly and experienced staff tend to your locks or your nails.

It’s all very welcoming, it’s unpretentious and fun, isn’t that what every girl wants from her salon?

I opted to have a gel manicure to treat my chipped, out-of-shape nails and get them party ready. Now, for those of you that have been living on the moon for the past few years, gel manicures are just like regular manicures expect the polish used lasts up to a fortnight and stays chip free and glossy for the duration. It’s basically every girls life-saver.

Settled down into a big comfy chair with plenty of fashion mags and a dose of caffeine to wake me up, I was ready to be treated like a doll. Under the recommendation of my therapist I opted for an Essie gel nail colour, something I hadn’t actually tried before. Essie, our favourite nail brand once swore the day would never come when they branched into gel polishes with the Founder and Creative Director Essie Weingarten not believing in the new gel hype but she soon realised it was time to adapt and follow the market ” I simply did not believe in gel before” she explains ” Everybody knows I’m a natural nail woman! I searched for years to find the perfect formula.” But luckily for us even Entrepreneurs admit defeat sometimes and Essie Gel was launched. This particular brand of gel polish has a unique focus on the health of the nail, even after the removal. Sometimes nails can appear weak and flaky after gel polish. Each Essie gel colour is enriched with keratin-care technology in each step of the application, as well as pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E so tips stay hydrated and fortified.

First, my original polish was removed and my nails were soaked, filed and buffed to shiny perfection. My cuticles were trimmed back and already my nails resembled a much happier, healthier version of themselves.

I went to pick my colour and any girl will appreciate when faced with a whole wall of nail polish colours its sometimes a little overwhelming? Did I fancy the sugary sweet ‘Dizzy Feet’ all cutesy pink and shine or was I feeling more sultry with a ‘Moody Mood’ deep purple shade? In fact, I decided to aptly opt for ‘Club Hopping’ a pillarbox red that would match my shade of lipstick perfectly. My nail technician tried it out on my nails first just to be sure (along with about 10 other colours!) but I was sure that ‘Club Hopping’ was my shade of choice for the day, well for the next two weeks. Gel polish is quite the commitment.

To begin the painting process, my nails were first prepped with a special cleanser to remove any residue and wipe away any excess oil from my now perfectly rounded nail, this is done to ensure a smooth, long-lasting colour.

Then comes the base coat. This is where the Vitamin-E and pro-Vitamin B5 come in to make sure my nails remain nourished and protected. The colour is then applied. I always ask for three coats of colour to ensure an even, rich shade, I was pleased to notice The Dollhouse did this without me even having to ask for that extra third coat.

The Top Coat is then applied to lock in the colour and strength making sure my nails remained pretty for the next couple of weeks. In between each stage my fingers were placed under the LED lamp which has a 360-degree mirror inside ensuring accurate distriubtion so the nails dry super quickly.


After around 15 minutes my nails were a gorgeous red colour, they looked strong, healthy and most importantly, dance floor ready.

The service received at The Dollhouse was excellent, I was constantly asked if I needed anything and I felt so relaxed and at ease in my surroundings I was actually rather disappointed when my treatment was over and I had to leave.

Of course, The Dollhouse doesn’t just offer nail care. From hair styling and colour, Keratin treatments and extensions to eyelash extensions and facials, this is a salon that caters for your every need.  It’s a great place to get pampered and enjoy  few hours of stolen girliness.

Jumeirah Branch

The Dubai Ladies Club, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai.

Al Barsha Branch

Shop 1, Aswaaq Center, Al Barsha South, Dubai

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