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We Love … #DIESELHIGH Flash Tees

How much do we love this? A lot is the answer.

This season Diesel launched #Dieselhigh , a campaign that is dedicated to all things happy. #Dieselhigh is about tolerance, inclusiveness and love.

It’s hippy, it’s a little cheesy and we love it.

The jersey t-shirts available in five different colours – white, black, ruby red, electric blue and green show five different graphics which encompass the brand and it’s entirely up to you which motto you pick.

Want to brighten someones day? Want to brighten your own day? Then spread a message of positivity like the little sunbeam that you are with a wearable motto. “Smiles are viral” is one of our personal faves.

Diesel have printed some of the most memorable mottos from its #Dieselhigh manifesto on the unisex t-shirts marking the third release of the popular Diesel flash tees.

It’s all about elevating yourself and your spirit and looking rather fabulous as you do it.

The #DieselHigh flash tee collection is available at Diesel flagship stores worldwide as well as selected department stores. The tees retail at AED 280 each.

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