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When Fashion & Science Meet

Rado has always been a pioneer in innovative watch-making. The Swiss brand has always prided itself on turning visions into realities by pushing the boundaries of material technology and creating something that is not only a fusion of practically and design but of technology as well.

The great thing about a Rado watch is that they are scratch-resistant. First seen in 1962, the use of high-tech ceramic in the watch-making process followed in the early 1980s. This ceramic was previously reserved for space craft heat shields and performance racing cars, so in the watchmaking world this was big news.

Rado didn’t stop there of course. They developed the ability to colour this material and to mold it which led the way for the variety of colour and design options we are offered today. In 2002, Rado unveiled the world’s hardest watch, the Rado V10k which was made using high-tech diamond and had a hardness of 10,00 on the Vickers Scale, which to you and I is pretty tough indeed.PR_Rado HyperChrome_Diamonds_580_0523_3_010

Now, Rado have decided to make a metal watch that isn’t really metal. Yes, you read that right. They have taken their famous white ceramic it and magically turned it into a watch case that looks just like steel.

Plasma high-tech ceramic timepieces actually begin their lives white. Rado has taken finished white components and subjected them to plasma treatment using the most advanced material technology. During this scientific process, the molecular composition of the surface of the ceramic is changed by gases at a whopping temperature of 20,000 degrees celsius in a specifically designed oven. The actual ceramic itself reaches a temperature of 900 degrees celsius, its colour thus changes and a unique, warm grey metallic shine emerges as if by magic.

I won’t make you dizzy with the details but the process does not alter its structure, only the surface which means the ceramic maintains the same hardness, scratch-resistance, lightness and hypoallergenic benefits as the popular white and black high-tech ceramic watches we have come to know and love. The colour will also not fade over time and maintains its sheen.

This innovative method of design is not only revolutionary in the watch-making industry but the science behind the design makes it all the more fun to wear.

Plasma ceramic can be found in many of Rado’s collections including the Rado HyperChrome and Rado DiaMaster.

So by buying a Rado, you’re actually buying into a little bit of history and the future all the same time.


Today, the seamless union of technology, practicality and design continues to be fuelled by courage and commitment to creating watches that stand the test of time. Rooted in a heritage of proven performance, Rado has its eye clearly focused on the future. Rado gains its momentum from the power of research and innovation, audacity and intuition. Nothing gets in the way of Rado’s mission to discover, invent and innovate. The result is always extraordinary watch designs.

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