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Pure Indulgence : World’s Most Expensive Ice-cream Scoop?

One Dubai cafe is offering an eye-wateringly expensive ice-cream scoop. Do you have a spare AED2,99 ? Well, if you do why not skip the diet and treat yourself to a scoop of ‘Black Diamond Sundae’ which is made up of rare black Italian truffles, Iranian saffron an 23-carat gold. Yes really.

We all know that Dubai loves its glitz and glam but is this ridiculously expensive ice-cream a touch too far? Scoopi cafe in Jumeirah doesn’t think so.

The sundae boasts of a scoop of exotic Madagascar vanilla ice-cream is even served in a Versace bowl and a designer spoon, which the customer can take home as a souvenir.

Scoopi’s owner Zubin Doshi says that they have “served the Black Diamond twice since our opening in December. Our second order was from a Saudi national, who drove up after hearing about us in the news.” He also reveals that he has had many enquiries for “special occasions”.

“I wanted to give Dubai something exciting, extravagant and exclusive,” explains Zubin on why he created the ‘Black Diamond’, which is named after the rare black truffle, which is called the “diamond of the kitchen”. Well, he has certainly done that.

If AED2,99 is a little steep for you to fork out on ice-cream Scoopi Cafe also serves a whole range of delicious ice-cream flavours from as little as AED15.

Tel: +971 (0) 52 9243488
Umm Suqeim, Near Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai

2 Comments on Pure Indulgence : World’s Most Expensive Ice-cream Scoop?

  1. Black Diamond Sundae is a winner for sure!


  2. GOLD??!?! That’s cray, but you only live once, right? Bon app!


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