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For Ladies That Lunch 

For those brave enough to have ventured into Dubai Mall, a wonder of the world in itself for its sheer enormity, finding somewhere ‘nice’ to eat can be somewhat overwhelming. With an army of cafes, fast food joints and global chains it can be hard to find a little bit of sophistication. If you’re feet are weary from all that shopping on Fashion Avenue, Madeleine Cafe is a perfect spot with fantastic views, some of the very best in Dubai.

A charming Parisian style cafe and boulangerie, Madeleine Cafe is a spot of French chic for the discerning fashionista.

With a light and airy interior, all blackboards and ornate mirrors, stepping into Madeleine Cafe, you could easily be in Europe and not bustling Downtown Dubai.

The cafe also boosts a large outdoor terrace, perhaps it’s USP, that posesses unrivalled views of the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains. With large parasols to protect you from the blazing sunshine, it’s a view you cannot afford to miss. Even the well-heeled clientele can’t help but gasp in awe as the fountains begin to a music backdrop of Enrique Ingleseas.

You might think all this comes with a catch, namely an eye-wateringly expensive bill for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. You’d be wrong. Second only to the views, the reasonable menu is the next best thing about this charming cafe, in fact you’ll be so surprised you’ll forget about the shopping and want to spend the whole afternoon basking in the shadow of the world’s tallest building. Yes, we did just say you’d forget about the shops.

Allow yourself to indulge in the delicious French cuisine, the lip-smackingly good pastries as you read one of the luxury magazines on offer. A little recommendation: the traditional Crosque Monsieur is as good as any you’d find in Paris ( that’s a ham and cheese toasty to to you and me ) and the salads, particularly the goats cheese salad, are delightful. Portion sizes are enormous so beware when filling up on bread!

In the enormous caven that is Dubai Mall you will savor finding Madeleine Cafe, a little bit of respite, of continental charm just off Fashion Avenue, how very apt.


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