Reasons We Love Living In The UAE.

Sure, you can’t go outside for at least two months of the year without frying alive and yes, it can be a pain waiting for a lift to the 98th floor everytime you want to ‘nip outside’, a good roast dinner is hard to find and online shopping is still in its infancy, but and it’s a big BUT, there are so many reasons why we love living in the UAE and why, quite frankly we look so smug in our Facebook photos.

  1. It’s cheap to get around – Taxis are cheap. Dangerous admittedly but cheap all the same. You don’t have to drive if you don’t want to, averaging around AED3o per short journey (the equivalent to £5 or $8) you can afford to get around your city at any time of the day. The traffic is bad but at least you can have that extra beer…
  2. It’s sunny 12 months of the year – Really it is. The sun always shines in the Emirates. Sure, you get the odd day of rain and perhaps a little sandstorm here and there but when you get to spend every weekend at the beach and wear shorts and flip-flops in January, you can’t really complain.
  3. There’s always something to do – From major sporting events such as the Dubai Rugby Sevens and the Omega Dubai Desert Classic to concerts from international superstars, every night there is something on. It’s not just the large-scale events either, there’s always a boat party or a new restaurant opening with your name on it.
  4. You can get anything delivered – Yes, it’s lazy and no you shouldn’t really order in Dairy Milk but you can so well, why not?
  5. The People are friendly – Everyone’s just so friendly. It’s easy to meet people and make friends in the UAE, with a large population of expats, everyone has been in the same boat at some point or other so tend to look after each other away from home.
  6. The views are incredible – Ask anyone that has lived in Dubai for over 2 years if they get sick of the high rises and construction work and their answer will be no. There’s always a new addition to the skyline, a new piece of architecture making history and quite frankly, who will ever tire of looking out onto The Palm Jumeirah, the eighth wonder of the world?
  7. There’s virtually no crime – From leaving your handbag on a table in a nightclub to your mobile phone on your sunlounger, the UAE is one of the safest places in terms of crime. The consequences are so severe that people just do not risk it.
  8. The food is amazing – With a new bar , restaurant or cafe seemingly opening everyday somewhere around the Emirates, the quality of cuisine and the diversity of the offering is second to none. Vegetarian? No problem. Vegan? Sure. Fanatical meat-eater? No better place.
  9.  The shopping is insane – Think of anything you’d like to buy and voila, I guarantee in the UAE somewhere you can. The shopping malls are amongst the largest in the world and the souqs offer fantastic value for money on everything from gold to spices. Bespoke offerings are the norm out here, there is nothing you cannot get made to your requirements should you so wish.
  10. It’s the beautiful life – everyone’s pretty. Their clothes are pretty, their faces are pretty, their houses are pretty, even their pets are pretty. When the sun shines, people shine and here everyone tends to make more of an effort than they would elsewhere in the world. It’s a glamorous playground for adults, a Vegas by the sea (minus the gambling), it’s a bubble of extravagance and indulgence but if you delve a little deeper the Emirates that make up the UAE all have an enchanting story to tell.

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