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Apple To Launch New iPhone In Pink

Stop the press! In fact stop all press. Apple have announced their new line up and although the new iphones feature no major design changes, the good news is… there’s a pink version for the girls.

The next edition of the iPhone will be introduced sometime later this year (Yes, we’ve just bought the iPhone 6 too) and a new colour will be added to its small offering – pink.

The current range includes space grey, silver and the popular gold for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

There are numerous rumours circulating about the new iPhone, one being that it will be named the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus but what we do know is that no major design changes will feature, other than the colour. In terms of functionality, the new iPhone will come with a new touch sensitive screen through the introduction of Force Touch technology and perhaps even a new waterproofing technique very much like the latest Samsung Galaxy.

So what is Force Touch technology and why should we care? Well analysts predicted the introduction of such technology some three months ago when it was first announced for the Apple Watch and the new touchpad on the latest MacBook features such. This technology uses miniscule electrodes around the flexible retina display to distinguish between a  light tap and a deep press, which triggers access to a range of specific controls. The introduction of Force Touch technology could signal a new way of interacting with our iPhones, the way we select apps for example.

On the recently launched Apple Watch, Force Touch technology is actioned by pressing firmly on the screen which brings up additional controls in apps like messages, music and a calendar. It also lets you select different watch faces and search for locations in maps.

With Force Touch on Apple Watch, pressing firmly on the screen brings up additional controls in apps like Messages, Music, and Calendar.

So now to waterproofing, the bit we all care about. Apple is currently working on a new waterproof technology that’s quite different from its competitors.  The rumour mill states that Apple proposes coating integral components with a hydrophobic coating rather than sealing off the entire device housing such as others have been doing. This will create an insulating layer to protect against short circuits.

This revolutionary new feature has not however, been confirmed for this year’s edition of the iPhone which will most likely be released to market early Autumn.


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