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Master Maserati Driving Experiences 2021

Master Maserati driving courses are back for 2021

Petrol heads, listen up. Maserati is back for the 22nd season of the Master Maserati driving courses and there are many new elements to enjoy: the full range of the Brand’s most powerful models and “MC20 Master”, the first exclusive driving experience for new owners of the MC20 supercar.

Master Maserati courses offer a rich, customised, unconventional array of driving experiences in four different formats (Engine Start, GT, Sport and MC20 Master) and 10 dates (depending on the course) from 27 May to 14 October 2021 at the Varano de’ Melegari circuit in Parma, Italy.
The driving courses are tailored for varying levels of proficiency and take place under the watchful eye of qualified professional instructors. The vehicles used are Levante Trofeo, Ghibli Trofeo and MC20.

The focus is on power: the experience is unforgettable, with driving pleasure and performance at its heart.

Master Maserati driving courses have run since 1999, with a total of 550+ Master Maserati driving courses held; more than 700 days on the circuit. Courses are run in partnership with Scuderia de Adamich. The Scuderia de Adamich has been a partner and coordinator of the Master Maserati driving courses ever since the beginning , and thanks to this strong, enduring relationship, it has perfected various methodologies and multiple courses over time.

2021 course details below.

The entry-level Master Maserati Course, “Engine Start”, is a half-day experience offering participants all the excitement of driving two of Maserati’s most powerful models, Ghibli Trofeo and Levante Trofeo, around a racetrack. All participants can also enjoy the thrill of a “hot lap” as a passenger on board the MC20 supercar, driven by a professional driver.
Dates: 27 May 2021. 30 September 2021. 14 October 2021.
Price – Driver: € 900 + VAT

The new GT course comprises a whole day’s driving and a more intensive programme than the “Engine Start” level, with fast-handling sessions, video analysis and on-board telemetry. The programme offers the opportunity to improve driving skills on board Ghibli Trofeo, Levante Trofeo and MC20 (in GT Driving Mode).
Dates: 17 June 2021. 7 September 2021
Price – Driver: € 2,400 + VAT

The SPORT course is the most advanced one-day driving experience offered by Master Maserati 2021. In this experience, participants can enhance their driving abilities during an entire day at the wheel of Ghibli Trofeo, Levante Trofeo and MC20 (driving sessions in GT & SPORT Driving Modes). The day on the track is completed by individual coaching sessions, video analysis and on-board telemetry, as well as the chance to hone their high-performance track driving at the wheel of the GranTurismo MC GT4 race car in racing set-up.
Dates: 18 June 2021. 8 September 2021
Price – Driver: € 4,150 + VAT

The ultimate level of driving experience is reserved for MC20 owners and comprises two full days,
dedicated to discovering the secrets of the new Maserati car. Just as in a university master’s degree course, drivers learn specialist techniques behind the wheel of a super sports car and how to exploit the MC20’s extreme performance to the full in all driving modes: GT, SPORT and RACE, with and without the aid of electronic controls.
Dates: 28 and 29 June 2021. 10 and 11 July 2021. 2 and 3 September 2021
Price – Driver: € 10,000 + VAT


The 2021 Master Maserati Driving Experiences are true immersive experiences that give enthusiasts a first-hand insight into Maserati’s DNA. The exclusive programmes designed for companions not actively participating in the driving course are a new feature of this year’s edition.
In perfect Maserati style, non-driving guests will be able to explore the hills of Italy’s Emilia region by e-bike, take a relaxing break at a Thermal Spa, or enjoy a culinary experience led by a top chef, or an
afternoon’s shopping. What’s more, all guests will be offered the chance to experience the thrills and adrenaline of a lap of the circuit in a Maserati driven by a professional driver.

For further information:
Maserati Middle East and Africa
Kanie Akram – Communications Manager –

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