IWC Schaffhausen launches AR for its Portugieser 2020 models

IWC Schaffhausen has a reputation as one of the most progressive Switss watch brands in the luxury market. With a 150-year history, its functional, robust, and stylish timepieces are worn on the wrists of discerning gentleman the world over.

It’s work with emerging 3D technologies is not new. The brand has been exploring Augmented Reality solutions since 2008 when they tested some of the very early technologies in the market. They also launched 3D movement AR models in their catalogues in 2014 so it is an innovation that they have closely monitored and worked with these past years.

IWC believe that AR provides a unique experience, offering customers a good sense for the volumetric and overall aesthetic qualities of IWC watches from afar. Customers can play with the watches, zoom, rotate, view every angle of the exquisite craftsmanship without actually touching one. It’s compelling, engaging and for watch lovers, it’s absolutely thrilling.

IWC say that Augmented Horlogerie is a fascinating way to help communicate the core essence of the emotional world that their products live within. This is one of the most fundamental opportunities offered by their Augmented Horlogerie experience, to transport our customers into the highly emotional and evocative universe of the collection and all that it represents.

The world of luxury shopping now sits in the blurred space between reality and the digital world.


  1. Click on the link to launch the landing page.
  2. Click through twice to get the AR model started.
  3. Click on the AR link and follow the instructions.
  4. *The watch can be scaled and turned with two fingers on the screen

Portugieser Automatic 40

Portugieser Chronograph

Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph

Other models available on

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