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Flower Power: Jacob & Co. Fleurs De Jardin

Jacob & Co introduces the Fleurs de Jardin watch this Spring

In the deepest depths of winter (admittedly not in the UAE!) our minds are starting to drift to springtime and Jacob & Co – one of our favourite luxury watch makers, knows this. Let us introduce their exquisite Fleurs de Jardin watch.

Wearing this, the time is always springtime.

Inspired by the sophisticated mechanism of the Astronomia Solar, the Fleurs de Jardin, which was in development for more than a year,c makes high watchmaking colorful and feminine. 11 brilliant flowers of kite-shaped amethyst, pink and icy blue sapphires, tsavorites, citrines, orange garnets and rubies rotate counter-clockwise around a mother-of-pearl dial once every ten minutes.

Jacob & Co_ Fleurs de Jardin -2

The entire timepiece is shrouded in pink sapphires, with 46 stones (~1.05cts) on the dial, 48 stones (~1.31cts) on the rose gold inner ring, 40 stones (~3.7cts) on the rose gold bezel, and 50 stones (~1.4cts) on the charming butterfly-shaped clasp.

Within all this beauty lies the legendary timepiece workmanship for which Jacob & Co. is famous, including the vertical Astronomia movement with three arms, which makes a full revolution in ten minutes around the central axis, a flying tourbillon and the patented Differential Gears System that allows the time display to maintain the 12/6 o’clock position regardless of where it is in the rotation. In addition, the flying tourbillon cage rotates on itself once every sixty seconds, as does the rose gold and blue lacquered globe.

On top of the movement sits a Jacob-cut Citrine (288 faces), taking pride of place.

Exclusively available in individually numbered pieces.


For more information please visit


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