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It’s Time to Smile at Dubai’s First Happiness Center

Yes, you read that right, a brand new center dedicated to happiness has opened in the emirates.

The first-of-its-kind, The aptly named MBS Happiness Center focuses entirely on human well-being and self-development. With the united goal of empowering people to be happy in mind, body and soul, this unique institution relies on ‘happiness officers’ (best job title ever) that customize retreats and take timetabled classes that tackle all areas of life that may need improvement.

Located in Business Bay, the MBS Happiness Center’s unique classes include a mix of yoga and meditation, as well as a wide range of group programmes – which are ideal for corporates – and one-on-one sessions that address anything from relationships, anxiety, depression, time management and nutrition to goal achievement.


The Happiness Center aims to not only showcase powerful tools to deal with common lifestyle complaints but also to identify the source of such.

We speak to Rajeev Daswani, Entrepreneur and Founder of Mind Body Soul a Happiness Centre to find out a little more.


-You call yourself the center’s Chief Happiness Officer – what is your favourite thing about your job? 

As an entrepreneur my favourite thing is to see a dream come to fruition, especially when its working on a dream that I’m so passionate about.   

-You have founded a visionary center – what inspired you and what is your greatest dream to achieve in a professional capacity?

I am pushed everyday by the fact that we have a collective responsibility to create and leave a better world for the next generation. I am inspired by so many people on a daily basis who have the courage to live their dreams and actively choose to be happy.  I’m very inspired by the wonderful and visionary leadership of the UAE, which is pioneering and setting a very high bar for the rest of the world to follow. My greatest ambition is to empower as many people as I can to choose happiness; my mission is to make happiness available to everyone regardless of their situation in life. I believe this can be done however we must all work on balancing our inner world so that we may see how beautiful the world truly is.

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