Bespoke Bridal Nails at TNS

For budding brides of the UAE, we understand that your bridal beauty regime is sometimes the last thing on an extensive list of wedmin but it’s imperative not to forget about your nails; your wedding nails will feature heavily in your photographs.

The Nail Spa have taken some of the stress of yet more decisions away from you with their bespoke bridal packages. Designed as being your personal ‘bridal beauty concierge’ The Nail Spa, in partnership with sister company Marquee and the popular Art Bar offers two amazing packages to help brides to be.

Available across TNS locations, you first need to decide what kind of bride you are; Are you a ‘decisive bride’? (definitely me) or a ‘bespoke bride’? (also, partly me unfortunately) regardless of what type of bride you deem yourself to be, there’s something for every personality.


The ‘Decisive Bride’ package partners up with Marquee, the luxury hair and beauty salon across the UAE and offers pre-set treatment bundles at 15% discount. First you will visit for an initial consultation and that all important bridal trial then you also get a hair facial (yes this is a thing) and your hair transformed on the day of the wedding to your wildest Pintrest fantasy. In conjunction, at The Nail Spa you can select from a pre-set beauty regime bundle that includes all manner of indulgent hand and feet treatments, massage, facials, waxing and threading. Finally, you’ll get the chance to experience the Artbar. Here, you’ll enjoy a three-hour design session to try and test your nail style like a blank canvas before choosing your nail art from the bridal nail art collection available. Voila! Beautiful from top-to-toe.


Now indecisive brides don’t despair, for the ‘bespoke bride’ package is exactly that, entirely bespoke for you and your wedding. With a treatment regime that is customized just for you, you get to sit with one of the Marquee hair experts to create your very own screenplay. A timeline is created around your preferences, which includes deep conditioning and that all important maintenance leading up to the big day. Sitting with a beauty expert you get to design a personalized beauty regime for your whole body then it’s time to treat your nails to a touch of haute couture with a design curated especially for you at the Artbar. With a mood board creation, your dedicated nail artist will put together three design proposals for you to choose from to perfectly reflect both your wedding dress and theme. You even get to test the chosen style beforehand to see how it looks and feels AND you get a special keepsake box showcasing your bespoke nail collection delivered directly to your doorstep.


Now, as I am also in the process of planning my upcoming nuptials, I popped along to TNS in Mall of the Emirates which opened last year, for a nail pampering session.

Being a mostly ‘decisive bride’ I had already found the nail art look that I was hoping to trial for my wedding day. Wanting something soft and subtle with a hint of the contemporary my thought was to go with an ombre French, a modern take on the classic French tip.


The Nail Spa in Mall of the Emirates is such an inviting place that you come in for one thing and with one swipe on the dedicated in-chair iPads you’re halfway through another treatment entirely.

FullSizeRender (6)

Not wanting to leave my tootsies out, I also choose to have a pedicure to test a colour on my toes that would match my wedding shoes. Sat comfortably in a reclining armchair and faced with the vibrant wall mural that envelopes the Artbar, I was treated to a much-needed mani-pedi.

The Nail Spa_MOE_Interior_Artist Gambette 1


Both feet and nails were primped and preened to perfection, buffing away unsightly dead skin and cleaning up cuticles. Having showed my nail artist the type of look I was going for, a nod in acceptance was the unsaid girl code for ‘excellent choice’. I admit to spending quite some time peering over the glass display case of intricate nail art designs – would a Coachella themed ring finger really be that unsuitable? Luckily, I managed to drag myself back into my bridal reality and focused on my soon-to-be ombre nails.  After a few unsuccessful attempts at the ombre nail at home, I was fascinated by the methods of achieving that perfectly untidy French that I so desired. First a layer of everlasting gel was applied to all nails and then a soft, beige-pink colour was applied. The white tip was in fact not gel but normal Essie polish, applied sparingly with a small sponge resulting in a waterfall of white on top of the pink. Another layer of clear gel sealed the design and ensured it remained intact. I loved the result, further enhanced by sunkissed skin and decided there and then it was the perfect style for my unfussy wedding day.

Toes however were more of a challenge. I think in ten years or so, I have only diverted from my statement pillar-box red toenails once and even then that was to a dark maroon pink so being coaxed into a lighter, softer colour for my feet was somewhat difficult for me. However, always one to try a fresh look we settled on a mauve pink that would bring out the metallic silver of my shoes.

FullSizeRender (7)

Leaving satisfied and excited with my trial look, I couldn’t resist booking an appointment the day before my wedding to have it done all over again along with my bridal party as well as a few additional treatments such as a ‘Glow Facial’ and that all important ‘Slimming Massage’ before the day itself.

Brides do not despair, book your appointment now at The Nail Spa, locations across the UAE.



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