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Seafire is Made for Steak

It’s one of Atlantis the Palm’s signature and most popular restaurants and after spending a night at Seafire Steakhouse & Bar, it’s easy to see why.

A cavernous space located in the very depths of The Avenues at Dubai’s iconic hotel, Seafire is surprising from the offset.

Gone are the moody corners and panoramic views that so many of this region’s restaurants hide behind and in their space is exactly that. Space. Seafire is an enormous venue.

Seafire 0001Arriving early for dinner in Dubai terms at 7pm, many of the scattered tables were empty and service was notably intent. Come 8pm and the atmosphere was all together different. Silence was filled with animated chatter and gentle music provided the back drop for many a group dinner. Service however, remained remarkably consistent regardless of how many hordes of hungry families descended upon the restaurant.

With an interior that is in pleasantly contrasted again the colourful opulence of the hotel itself, Seafire envelopes you in a decor of polished wood, stone clad walls and provocative red leather.  There’s just enough light to be able to comfortably read the menu yet it’s dim enough to remain intimate for a romantic dinner, in fact Seafire is open to just about everyone. There’s the hand-holding couple nestled in the far corner of the room lovingly feeding each other hand-cut chips, there’s the rowdy group of twenty somethings chinking their cocktail glasses to a soundtrack of happy birthday and there’s the frazzled families gently rocking their babies to sleep in a pram whilst simultaneously (and gratefully) tucking into an enormous cut of meat whilst chatting to their dining partners – Seafire is the ultimate multi-occasion restaurant.

Regularly referred to as the ‘Best steakhouse in Dubai’ Seafire prides itself on its exclusive all-natural grain fed ‘Atlantis’ beef heralding from down under. This special in-house beef needs to be tried to be believed. Both Seafire and Atlantis approached the Australian Agricultural Company with the goal of producing a special breed of cattle, especially for the hotel. Well, this is Dubai after all.

Steak - Atlantis Beef

Ordering any other cuts of beef from the vast Seafire menu isn’t exactly frowned upon but it was clearly recommended to try this and try we did.  We received a welcome education from the attentive wait staff on this exclusive beef and found out that it’s all graded according to the amount of marbling – that’s the fat content within the muscle tissue. Well-marbled beef is highly sought after due to the exquisite flavour of the meat. ‘Atlantis Beef’ has a marble score of 4+, something the team are very proud of indeed.

After a round of aperitifs (the Seafire Bar is a must before sliding into your table) and then another round of specially curated Apple Martinis, we began dissecting the menu. The dishes on offer aren’t particularly inventive by name and are as you would expect from any high-end steakhouse in the region but the attention to detail in the aesthetical sense was equally surprising and pleasing.

FullSizeRender (4)

Opting for a selection of starters, we decided to try the Foie Gras Parfait. Foie Gras is always a favourite of ours and this delicate dish came dressed with spiced plum, port wine and a warm toasted brioche.

For ShortListDelicious. Also, on our entrée list was the Seafire Prawn Cocktail, a great dish for the less adventurous but with gem lettuce, avocado and topped with caviar, it was nonetheless delicious. We also tried the Hand Dived Norwegian Scallops, a pan seared fragrant dish with wild rice and toasted almonds for extra flavour.

FullSizeRender (5)

Snapped Live


The trick at Seafire is not to fill up before your main course, such are the sizeable portions. We however, did not learn this valuable lesson until afterwards and upon reflection would have perhaps saved our greedy eyes for the star of the Seafire show; the steak itself.

With a 350g Atlantis Signature Certified Beef-Grain Fed Striploin alongside a slightly smaller 250g Atlantis Fillet steak taking pride of place on the table we were almost good to go. Of course, it’s practically criminal to enjoy a good steak without an array of sauces and sides and who are we to argue?  Opting for a selection of Bernaise, Peppercorn and barbeque sauce on the side, we also treated ourselves to some truffled fries (a must try), truffled mac & cheese ( sorry waistline) and some creamed spinach. If you’re feeling particularly ravenous you can even add to your steak with some extras including Grilled Half Boston Lobster, Alaskan King Crab or Foie Gras Butter.


Of course, the Atlantis Beef was among some of the best we’ve tasted, full of flavour and sustenance and definitely worth every dirham but if you are very particular about your beef there are other types on the menu.  The Full-Blood Master Kobe Wagyu Beef is also an excellent choice if a little tough on your wallet, starting from AED 650 at 250g.


Snapped Live


If steak doesn’t quite take your fancy, Seafire does have some other signature dishes that somehow get lost among the showcased steaks.  We spied the Dry Smoked Wagyu Short Ribs on a nearby diners table with a special Jack Daniels barbeque Sauce which looked delicious – definitely top of our list for our next visit. We’re told by several sources that the Wood Fired Rotisserie Chicken is also a standout dish with 1/2 black leg chicken (the best chicken meat in the world) drizzled in tarragon jus and a Mojo sauce.

As you would expect there is a limited vegetarian menu with a Mushroom Risotto sitting alongside a couple of salad dishes – you get the impression that whilst Seafire tolerates vegetarians, it does not wish to make them its core clientele.

If and it’s a big ‘IF’ you still have room for desert the Seafire Chocolate Fondant is among the best thing you will ever eat in your life. Ever.  Cutting through the sponge like butter with your spoon, you’re greeted by a warm, rich, molten chocolate which is best enjoyed with a contrasting scoop of peanut butter ice cream and a token toasted marshmallow.

Seafire is a place that you can easily lose the hours in; before we knew it the clock was close to midnight and we had worked our way through most of the menu (food and drinks) and had no idea whether it was day or night outside. This is the beauty of Atlantis, a destination within itself. Hot footing it outside to the warm sea infused air and we were back to reality again. For most occasions we’d find it hard not to recommend Seafire. The service is excellent, the atmosphere as electric as you wish to make it and the food… well the food is definitely worthy of a second visit.

See for yourself and make a reservation




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