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Go Baroque this Spring with Prada

Once upon a time, five years ago on a catwalk in a fashionable, Italian land an icon was born.

Prada BAROQUE sunglasses have not only adorned many a famous face but have changed the way we look at eyewear forever and now the world’s most renowned fashion house have updated this style resulting in a special collection of MINIMAL BAROQUE designs.

With exaggerated sides and an oversized frame, everything about the design of the BAROQUE is theatrical. They are sunglasses for the brave, for the beautiful and for those that demand the same attention to detailed style from their accessories as they do their clothing.


The MINIMAL BAROQUE collection breathes  new life into the flowers and foliage motifs that grew wild in the Baroque period: one of art history’s most exuberant eras. Stylised plant life – acanthus leaves, laurel branches, palm fronds – is abstracted into scrolling garlands that bud and branch into the defining curve of elegantly exaggerated sunglasses.
In each of the three new MINIMAL BAROQUE styles, ornate and intricate motifs of the past are refined into a single, streamlined gesture. Integrated within the frames of sunglasses, this flourish becomes at once decorative and functional, dimensional and flat, fanciful and realistic.
We are officially in love.

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