Turning Back the Clock with Botox at Euromed Clinic, Dubai

Reported by Loren Penney

In this day of social media selfies, frequent sun-kissed holidays and 24/7 schedules, ordinary people like myself are seeking something to not only turn back the clock a bit but also improve our overall appearance, helping us to look more refreshed. Since moving to Dubai some 3 years ago and living a lifestyle that sees me go from sitting in front of a computer screen all day in the week, late nights on the town come sunset and then basking in the Arabian sunshine at the weekend, I have developed the odd facial crease. Being a Botox virgin, yet frequently being confronted by expressionless people I’ve always been a little bit reluctant to start using injectables to aid in my anti-ageing efforts. However, Euromed in Dubai and more specifically, Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adnan Tahir based out of the Euromed Clinic Dubai invited me in for a chat and a consultation about what Botox was really all about? And the million dollar question – is it actually effective?


Dr.Adnan Tahir is a hugely experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a special interest in aesthetic surgery of the face and breast, so if there is anyone you want standing over you armed with a needle, it is him.


Firstly, we did an assessment of my face which under the scrutiny of a doctor’s gaze is actually not as bad as it sounds. Being told you look good for your age is always a happy moment! Of course, being early thirties and with a tendency to frown more often than the average person, there was always room for improvement. Showing some forehead lines and crows feet around the eyes, I was told I was the perfect candidate for Botox.

First box ticked.

Secondly, Dr. Adnan explained to me exactly what Botox is, what it is used for and how it would personally benefit me. The main thing to understand about botox and fillers is that no one size fits all; our faces are all different, all with different symmetry or asymmetry and all with different skin types.

As we age, our skin begins to wear and our expressions leave their mark in the form of wrinkles. Botox works in such a way that it freezes and weakens the muscles that cause these ageing lines, resulting in looking positively younger.

Botox itself is actually a toxin (Botulinum toxin) that when injected into the skin, relaxes muscles and prevents them from contracting. When these muscles stop contracting, they are unable to create lines and wrinkles, resulting in smoother, wrinkle-free skin for around three-four months.The ultimate goal for most of us.

Over the years, Botox has been consistently developed as both a cosmetic and medical non-invasive technique. It can not only turn back time but also correct flaws such as excessive sweating.

For me however, and many celebrity the world over, Botox really comes into its own when helping to reduce the signs of aging.

Having identified key problem areas on my face and helpfully marked in marker pen for the doctor’s guidance, I was told to lay back and ‘relax’.

This video doesn’t exist

Botox does not hurt so much as its slightly uncomfortable but Dr.Adnan is good at explaining when each and every injection will come so that you are not surprised.

After injecting Botox into key points across the widest part of my forehead and also in the corners of both eyes, I was also treated to an aesthetical eyebrow lift. The great thing about this is that you can choose how much you want your eyebrows to be raised, changing not only your expression but also your overall face shape. Your eyebrow shape can be altered to achieve more horizontal arches or flare. For this, Botox is injected into the depressor muscles to counteract the downward pull of the brow’s ends.

A full face of Botox (excluding the neck – which I politely declined) only takes around 15 minutes so it’s the perfect lunch hour pick me up. It doesn’t necessarily require anesthesia, although this is up to both the individual doctor and patient. Results are immediate however full results can be expected to be seen after around 5 days. I was instantly surprised at how much more awake I looked, which only intensified within the following 2 weeks.

So, is it better than the stack of anti-aging creams that line my bathroom shelves? Yes most definitely. Although considerably more expensive.

If its plumpness rather than smoothness that you are craving, then it is wise to enquire about fillers as opposed to Botox, or a combination of the two. Fillers are widely regarded as an alternative to facelifts as they fill up defects in soft tissue, such as wrinkles and folds in the face. They are used to add volume to certain facial features such as thin lips of hollow cheeks. Like botox, these are injected directly into the skin and can aid in complete face transformations.

Botox and/or fillers should not be considered lightly. Although not permanent, they do alter the shape and look of the face when done correctly so you need to fully appreciate this before opting for the treatment.

For me, I’m very happy with the results and the compliments I’ve had since opting for the treatment, if anything it has helped me to ‘freeze’ time for a few months.

For more information please visit http://euromedclinicdubai.com/


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