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Festive Scent with Diptyque

Diptyque have just launched their festive collection in plenty of time for the holiday season.

Entitled ‘Night at Diptyque’ the luxury French fragrance brand invites us into its very own winter tale.

Perfect for colder nights when you are tucked up under a blanket, basking in the gentle, flickering glow of candleight where you can find yourself whisked away on a luminous adventure of sensory pleasure.

Follow Diptyque’s lead and re-enchant the year-end holidays with three new limited edition candles that are inspired by a magical winter tale.




For incence lovers, enjoy a burst of dazzling elemi and spicy cloves, mysterious swirls of incense and sweet vanilla.



A delicious spice concoction that is filled with warm gingerbread notes mingling with tasty honey  and laced in hints of star anise.



Recreate the incredible smell of a lush, pine-laden forest steeped in the woody tones of resin, cedar and patchouli.


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