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Fiesta fun at Casa De Tapas Brunch

The brunch scene in Dubai is an ever-expanding market with the scale and price seeming to have no limits to what we are prepared to pay to experience the best way to spend a Friday in the emirate.

But money is no object approach to booking a special brunch for a festive party or friends birthday doesn’t necessarily guarantee value for money. With a large percentage of brunches now charging 400-500 dirhams a head, finding a fun, lively atmosphere with good service and excellent food can be a real headache.

So look no further than Casa de Tapas. At 249AED for house beverages and just another 50dirhams to upgrade to the sparkling package the omens are already good.

Then consider you’re not tucked away in some darkened hotel bar amongst hundreds of other tables; almost every table can take in the stunning 180degree panoramic creekside views overlooking the marina and Park Hyatt golf course.There are few brunches in Dubai that come close to this kind of outlook.


The brunch itself has cult status amongst the Spanish community; the people, flavours, venue and live music all come together to create a fantastic welcoming, fun-filled atmosphere.

The venue has a centrally located bar although the drinks service was that good I didn’t have to visit it once. The buffet is arranged around it with a separate section set aside for the Paella station which is simply too delicious to miss.

The live spanish music really does add to the atmosphere and it’s not long before revellers are joining in with the singing and dancing.  I even spied a conga snaking its way around the tapas bar.

Given the fantastic setting, atmosphere and brilliant value its a brunch where you’re almost waiting for something to let it down but it certainly won’t be the food. We really enjoyed the mix of small tasty tapas dishes delivered right to your table as well as the more traditional bunch buffet supplemented by the Paella, pork station and traditional Spanish roast. Casa de Tapas really does tick all of the boxes.

I liked how even the house Sangria and Estrella beer options kept in with the Spanish theme, you really feel like you have been transported to a bustling restaurant along the streets of Barcelona or Madrid.

The food came thick and fast throughout the duration of the brunch to the point where we were turning the waiter away in fear of leaving room for desert (which are simply not to be missed either), expect an array of chocolate tarts, pastries and spongy delicacies that will make your mouth water.


Casa de Tapas brunch is exceptional value boasting quality food and beverages and a genuine Spanish atmosphere that makes it a must for any brunchers bucket list.

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