Get Festive Fabulous with the BlodryBar

Event season is in full swing and there’s no better excuse to treat yourself to a glamorous new look and the Blodrybar in Dubai’s Motor City is on hand with an iPad full of fabulous hair styles and an expert Pandora’s box of professional make-up to get you looking (and feeling) your best at the Christmas party.

Not just a super stylish salon famous for its big, beautiful blow outs but the Blodrybar also has an expert team of hair stylists and make-up artists that can create just about any look you desire to transform your entire look. Whether it’s a black-tie ball that requires a more formal image or the office party that demands you let your hair (actually) down, The Blodrybar are on hand to help, make-up brushes and all.

As a journalist November and December for me are packed full of parties and with limited time to twist and tease my tresses into submission, I popped along to the Blodrybar armed with a photo of Kate Moss (one can dream) and a willingness to be made over for my exciting evening event.

Each appointment begins with a consultation with the trained stylists where you can browse a selection of styles (up and down) from the in-house Lookbook, a super handy tool if you haven’t like me come armed with magazine cut-outs of supermodels. Depending on your schedule you are then treated to a thorough hair wash to prep your hair. If like me, you’re opting for an ‘updo’ it is actually best to do this on day-old hair as too-silky strands can be a little bit temperamental in staying in place.


The Blodrybar specializes in styling services so you’re in good hands. With 5 types of blowouts, 4 different up do’s, 9 types of braids alongside traditional cuts and colour on offer, the choice is seemingly endless. You can also indulge in a range of hair treatments and add-on services such as a head massage (highly recommended before a big event), make-up, tinting and threading – all designed to get you party perfect.

As an advocate of the long, loosely tousled wave I decided that my special event deserved something slightly different from my hair style so I opted for an up do. The Blodrybar offer the following 4x styles of up do, this is of course in addition to any of your own ideas:

Hunt Club a classic, high ponytail.


Uptown Downtown a half up, half down style that is perfect for weddings


High Society these consist of perfectly preened buns & chignons that wouldn’t look out-of-place on an upper east side princess.


Braid Brigade – featuring many different braids from the french to the classic fishtail.

As a novice to any kind of hair-up style, I decided that I wanted something soft to complement my long, flowy evening dress. I was quite happy and confident to let Anna, my hairstylist have carte blanche when it came to the style after having given my very brief, brief.

She began by loosely tonging my long hair and wrapping it around her finger before pinning in soft, sporadic curls to the base of my neck for an undone look.


Teasing my hair into a small beehive at the crown gave the hair volume and some much-needed drama for a night out. In contrast, softly curled strands of hair were left loose framing my face and at the nape of the neck to create a beautifully, just-got-out-of-bed look.


After my hair was complete it was time to start on my make-up which was to be focused around a dark smokey eye. My make-up artist and I discussed my likes and dislikes at length in order to achieve the desired result. Having quite light features I wanted a dark, dramatic eye without overbearing my face.  Discussing my evening outfit in great length (I need no encouragement here) with the look to match my eyeshadow to my shoes which were to be metallic. Not able to get away with glittery make-up for my everyday office attire, I was thrilled to have a slight shimmer to my eye make-up which also helped to neutralize the stark, dark lines of the thick, winged eyeliner we had opted for.

Keeping the rest of the face quite natural with softly sculpted cheekbones and a neutral pink lip, my green eyes really popped and the inky eye really helped to intensify the natural shade of my iris.

Overall my look was one of contrasts; soft waves tousled into a messy up-do held in place by bobby pins and sophisticated and striking dark eye make-up all made possible in one sixty-minute sitting at my favourite go-to salon, the BdB Blodrybar.

Up-do hair styles and evening eye-make up starts from AED 150

Book your appointment now and get party ready+971 444 738 26



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