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The Braidy Bunch at the Blodrybar

With event season upon us are you stuck for inspiration on what to do with your hair before that big party? Or perhaps you want to try a new hair style but wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to elaborate up dos and picture perfect plaits?

The Blodrybar in Dubai’s Motor City is so much more than just a stylish salon. With an impressive menu of services and treatments, the expert stylists are on hand to discuss any look that you want and to re-create with the skill that only a professional can.

In addition to the 5 signature Blow Outs on the menu which promise big, beautiful bouncy locks as well as sleek, sophisticated, straightened tresses, there are a range of inspired creations from classic ponytails to elegant buns and chignons, all of which can be decided upon after looking at the interactive iPad look book available to browse in the salon and online.

Having always fancied a flirty fishtail braid, but unfortunately unable to create anything but a knot myself, I popped along to get a quick hair fix before an all-important event.

If like me, you’ve admired the braids that have swished down international catwalks from a far, you’ll be pleased to know that the Blodrybar offers a wide selection of different types of braids from the traditional french plait to the messy side braid, a different style for each occasion. I opted for a classic fishtail, which in hair terms is basically a very fancy plait. The fishtail braid not only looks elaborate but it’s staying power is right up there for energetic days and nights on the town, in fact the more worn in the fishtail, the funkier the look.

Avidly watching my stylist, I learnt exactly how to perfect the fishtail braid.


Step One – My long, straight blonde hair was first washed and then divided into two even sections – one on the left and one on the right.

Step Two – A thin strand of hair was selected from the left section, gathering it from the outside, around 1/2 inch in its diameter.

Step Three – The thin piece of hair was pulled up and across the thicker left section before moving towards the right.

Step Four – The thin strand of hair was then tucked underneath the right section of which, it is now part of.

Step Five – Both sections were given a firm tug to tighten them. I’m told the tighter the braid is now, the better as I can always tousle it for a messier look later.

Step Six – Taking another thin strand from the right section, about the same 1/2 width as before.

Step Seven – The thin strand was then pulled up and across the right section before moving it towards the right. The mirror image of the action just taken.

Step Eight – The thin strand of hair was then tucked underneath the left section of which, it is now part of.

Step Nine – This action was repeatedly alternated until the end of my hair was reached, leaving around an inch of my hair unbraided to tie off.

The result – The most amazing fishtail! Which accentuated the multi-tonal buttery blondes and deep caramels in my hair, creating an amazing, fashion-forward style.
Prices start at AED 60 for braids and AED 120 for Blow Outs.
Visit the Blodrybar today to book your appointment and get event-ready hair.


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