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The LED Glam Express: The Facial for both Skin and Teeth

Reported by Loren Penney

Yes, you heard that right.

The Euromed Clinic Center in Jumeirah, home to skincare and dentistry gurus Rebecca Treston and Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou respectively, has recently announced the ultimate facial that promises to work wonders on every skin type.

The LED facial has proven phenomenally popular in both London and the USA, with celebrity fans such as Kim Kardashian citing it as an essential part of their beauty regime. Thanks to recent elevated media exposure, the LED facial is having somewhat of a moment and now thanks to the joint expertise at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics and Dr Sofia at Dubai’s Euromed Clinic, this renowned technology has been combined to create an entirely unique treatment; teeth whitening and a laser facial at the same time in one fantastically packaged ‘LED Glam Express Facial’.

You heard it here first.

This revolutionary new treatment offers you the opportunity to not only get a brilliant white smile but also a flawless complexion, all in less than an hour.

I popped along to the Euromed Clinic to try out this exciting new procedure for myself. Anything Kim K can do…

A trip to the Euromed Clinic is always a pleasant one, with sleek, modern interior and friendly yet unobtrusive staff, you’re immediately put at ease. After signing a standard disclaimer I was whisked off to the treatment room to begin both the facial and teeth whitening.

I was promised that the entire treatment would be more relaxing than uncomfortable and not one to ever turn the opportunity for a stolen 30-minutes of slumber I was a very willing guinea pig as I laid back in the chair and had my skin cleansed and primped to perfection to get it ready for the LED mask.

The LED facial itself is based on the technology of four clinically proven wavelengths of UV-free LED lights, of which I will explain more about later. A rather ominous looking white plastic mask is moved into position over your face just about the same time that your teeth whitening gel trays are inserted into your mouth and the accelerator lamp is moved around. The things we do in the name of beauty!

The helpful technicians, alongside the lovely Dr. Sofia herself, were there throughout, explaining the process and answering any questions I managed to mumble through a mouthful of whitening gel. The cosmetic whitening procedure is a lot less harsh on teeth and gums than traditional in-the-chair teeth whitening procedures and due to this fact it eliminates the need for gum protection. It’s a great option for those like me that have already whitened teeth previously and want a quick, result-driven touch up or also those that have teeth that are too sensitive to do dental whitening due to the highly concentrated and more powerful gel that is used.  Dr. Sofia, a passionate and knowledgeable dentist with a specific focus on laser dentistry, happily chatted through her work and informed me of some quick and simple changes I could do to my own brushing regime that would help in maintaining my newly whitened teeth which added to the overall experience itself.


Once the facial mask is switched on, I am told to rest for twenty minutes before the next cycle will start, it’s anything but uncomfortable in fact the slight warming sensation is actually quite soothing. As mentioned, this treatment has arisen from technology of four wavelengths of UV-free LED lights which I experienced throughout the procedure itself. This can also be altered according to your specific skin complaint. The Amber light builds new collagen and elastin and is perfect for those looking for a non-invasive anti-ageing alternative. A Red light reduces inflammation and promotes circulation and Blue destroys acne. All these three lights when used in conjunction with one another eradicate bacteria and promote cellular renewal leading to a brighter, clear and more rejuvenated skin.


After a total of 40 minutes I was presented with the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see the immediate difference that both the facial and teeth whitening had resulted in. My teeth were noticeably whiter by a few shades and my skin appeared not only fresher and less mottled to look at but also to touch and I happily left the clinic without a scrap of make-up on my face.

The LED Glam Express is available and priced at AED 1000-1300

For bookings and further information please visit


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