We love, love, love diptyque and for years have been adorning ourselves and our homes with their decadent personal and home fragrances as well as lighting up our lives with their coveted candles.

We were overjoyed when they launched a bodycare a few years ago and now with we can barely contain ourselves for their L’Art Du Soin For The Face product line.

In actual fact, the collection was launched in 2014 and has a brand new range of products for us (Chapter Two), with each and every one distinctively diptyque, variants on tradition and modern facial care and cosmetics.

Whereas the fist product line was all about cleansing and moisturizing, this new chapter of Infused Cosmetics adds some new elements or -oleates- which provides deep penetration treatment, enabling the products to satisfy the skins’ need for nutrition, radiance and repair. Oleates are basically the scientific term for the result of macerating a flower or a part of a flower in oil. By using this technique, diptyque are able to preserve all the active ingredients of the fragrance world’s most precious treasures: floweres! Each and every product remains Paraben and silicone free and offers gentle, safe formulas designed to maximize your skin’s natural beauty.

The Face Oil is a stand out product, perfect for smoothing and revitalization. With a rose petal base, this feathery oil is the ultimate moisturizer and mixed with white iris for boosting radiance, sweet almond oil for vital nutrients and meadow grass oil for a distinct, satin pillow-like dimension, the overall fragrance is exhilarating.



For dry, chapped lips the Lip Balm is addictive. With a creamy texture and a matte finish, this leaves parched skin softened and the fragrance itself is what makes this wonder product a must-have: roses and violets add a nostalgic feel of candy and marshmallows, making it almost good enough to eat.


Other products include an Essential Face Cream, Radiance Boosting Powder and  Infused Facial Water which will become your make-up bags wonder product.


Available to buy in Harvey Nichols Dubai, Mall of the Emirates



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