The Marina’s Best Kept Secret – WE Nails

Well ok, it’s not so much of a secret such is the neon pink light that graces the outside of Skyview Tower on the edge of Dubai Marina, but in a saturated area of nail bars, nail salons, spas and more,  it’s become quite difficult to find somewhere that little bit original. I discovered WE Nails by accident but was surprised to discover that everyone already knew about this seemingly secret sanctuary of girlie pampering.

For fear of missing out, I took myself down there to have a look myself.

Firstly, WE Nails is appealing to those women that want something a little different, a reminder of home lands and a trendy, modern salon that offers a wide range of services and isn’t primarily geared towards Arabic beauty, although they do cater to this market and I’m told their offering is excellent. Entering WE Nails feels as if you’ve stumbled down a rabbit hole amidst the glittering skyscrapers and city lights above. It boasts an urban design from the exposed pipework, funky artwork on the walls to the pink crushed velvet sofas. It shouldn’t work, but it does. The industrial vibe gives an air of a fashionistas hideaway, only confirmed by the bevvy of beauties glued to their mobile phones whilst their talons are painted in bold, vibrant colours. A rack of I SAW IT FIRST (ISIF) clothes are available for you to browse should you decide you have to have a new dress to complement your mani/pedi and the owner of the salon happily darts around chatting to the customers, all whom appear to be long lost friends. Theres a glass partition that separates a small but perfectly formed hair studio (oh yes, did we mention they do hair too?) and the few comfortable chairs make for a much more intimate space. With no windows, you could easily imagine yourself to be in London or New York and as you sink down into the cushions with a hot beverage dreaming will be rather easy.


An advocate of a Gel manicure, I opted to try what I know best, a classic mani pedi in a  traditional red which may sound pretty standard but as any girl worth their perfectly shaped oval talons will tell you, a deep red manicure is sometimes harder to get right than it looks.

To minimize the boredom of filing and buffing I also opted for a neck & shoulder massage at the same time and this little trick that I learnt some time ago really does make the hands on the clock move faster which is almost a shame as I began to drift into a blissful slumber at the kneading hands of a skilled masseuse.

WE Nails offer two types of gel polish and it can be a minefield when trying to decide between brand. Long gone are the days when it was only colour that mattered! Essie have become somewhat coveted here in the Middle East since they introduced a range of gel polishes and normal Gellish is the more established of the two.  After being advised that Gellish was still the best in terms of endurance I punched for a pillarbox shade for both hands and feet staying true to my matchy-matchy roots.

I was done within the hour after and both hands and feet felt like new, baby soft soles slipped into shoes and hands had been brightened up by a flash of colour. I was actually rather sad to leave, but with their extensive treatment menu under my arm, I exited into the Dubai night comfortable in the knowledge that I too was now in on the secret.

Oh and the very best part, they even have free valet parking!

Last Longer Gel AED 230 for a combo manicure and pedicure

Neck & Shoulder massage AED 60 for 20 minutes.

www.wenails.ae Call +971 (0)4 45 28 226 to book


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