Summer Hair at Jacques Le Coupe

As Summer dawns, the realities of the harsh, hot and humid climate of the Middle East begins to show signs of taking its toll on your hair. Frizzy, puffy, parched locks leave even the most coiffured of styles looking somewhat lacklustre and those that have colour in the hair can be left disappointed when blondes become brassy and brunettes become boring.

The best thing to do to prepare your hair for the rising mercury is to get it into the best condition possible and this means cut, colour, condition. The three Cs if you will.

As a blonde, I regularly top up my fair tresses with bleached highlights which due to the hard water here in the UAE can leave colour looking dull and yellow. Colour is stripped from the hair within a few washes and can leave expensive trips to the salon disappointing. I visited Jacques Le Coupe in The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, masters of colour and styling who have been tending to wayward tresses from Paris to the Middle East, for some advice and to put my hair in their hands for a summer makeover.

For 20 years Jacques Le Coupe have been restoring women (and men) with confidence and radiance through their broad scope of services and with an enviable reputation in Dubai, I was less apprehensive that ever as I paid a visit to their stylish salon in the marina based hotel.


With sleek black gloss interior and an army of well-healed women flicking through fashion magazines relaxing in chairs, Jacques Le Coupe oozes Parisian glamour. Greeted by Jacques Hanna himself, I was ushered into the salon and consulted about my concerns. Taking strand after frazzled strand of my weathered hair beneath their fingers it was clear my hair couldn’t be more unprepared for the long, dry summer. Agreeing that what it required was a good cut and a weave of contrasting high and low lights through, a team of professional colourists and stylists set to work in revamping my look.


First my roots were tended too by a block shade of dark blonde being applied to allow for a perfect base so that the colour could really shine through. A blend of buttery blondes, deep creamy caramels and chocolate-brown were applied alternately to the hair to give a natural sun-kissed effect. This would be easier to maintain and compliment newly tanned skin for a sophisticated look that was more beauty and less Barbie. Having darker streaks put through the hair would also mean regrowth would show through less, meaning fewer trips to the salon being kinder to the hair. After around 45 minutes the colour was washed off and a deep-conditioning mask applied, crucial for parched hair. My colourist recommends treating your hair to a deep-conditiong mask at least once a week, leaving on to penetrate the hair for anything from 1-10 minutes depending on the time you have available. The dramatic improvement in colour was obvious even when the hair was wet. Instead of falling around my face in bright, golden chunks, the delicate intricacy of the complementing shades applied brought out the colour in my skin making me look instantly less tired as well as the green in my eyes. I looked more alive than I had in weeks.

FullSizeRender (2)

After a rough blow dry it was time to decide on the cut and being somewhat (that maybe an understatement) apprehensive about snipping at my chest length hair, we agreed to cut into it inch by inch until I was satisfied. The desired look was that of a ‘lob’, the halfway hair favoured by many a supermodel and celebrity du jour, somewhere in between a bob and a lengthy cut. Deciding to stop just on the collarbone, which had removed any dry, split ends the hair would be more manageable come July and August when the last thing you want is long hair resting down your back. After a full blow-out and some handiwork with a curling tong, my new shorter, darker do was bouncy and beautiful. The change in the condition was evident from these two simple changes and advised to maintain every 6 weeks, I was sure that with Jacques Le Coupe on speed dial, both myself and my hair could survive the summer.

For appointments visit www.jacqueslacoupe.com or call +971 4 4458381

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