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Fondue Nights at The Agency

Saturday nights used to mean only one thing: work in the morning but now The Agency , found overlooking the waterways of Madinat Jumeirah, has reinvented our least favourite evening of the week with the launch of their Fondue night.

The Agency is one of those venues that makes for the perfect date spot. Dimly lit with a long bar and comfortable seating leads the way to an impressive al fresco terrace hanging over the still water that forms the structure to this unique hotel. Perch on a bar stool and melt away the weekend blues with a choice of sweet or savoury fondues, matched with grape for an evening unlike any other.

No those watching the waistline need not read on for The Agency’s Fondue Night is an indulgent treat of beautifully creamy cheese or melted rich, chocolate that are the perfect dip for crusty warm bread or fluffy pink marshmallows.

Fondue is traditionally seen in Switzerland and has moved across to France in its popularity and now this alternative meal is starting to gain interest in Dubai and with good reason. The Middle East may not have the slopes but residents and visitors alike do have a discerning palate and demand for fine fare and The Agency duly obliges.

Designed to be shared, start as we did with a delicious pot of warm melted cheese which you’re invited to dip chunks of toasted bread into accompanied by pickles and baby potatoes. If this doesn’t fill you up, then you can opt for the ultimate indulgence in a chocolate fondue. Fragrant melted chocolate simmers as you happily plunge perfectly round strawberry after sweet marshmallow into its velvety depths. Add to the experience with a choice or red or white grape for a reasonably priced, romantic evening a deux.

The Agency’s Fondue Friends Night is priced AED235 for two people including a bottle of selected house grape.

To book a table, please call 04 432 3232 or email Restaurants@jumeirah.com.

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