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A Loungewear Collection by Rose Fulbright Exclusively For Burj Al Arab

It will be the most exclusive lounge wear you own. Luxury brand Rose Fulbright has created a bespoke range of beautiful silk loungewear, fully inspired by Arabic art exclusively sold at the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai.

Consisting of 5-key pieces, this collection of women’s loungewear is all hand painted to reflect traditional mosaics making for garments that are not only comfortable in their luxury but also striking in design. The colours are a beautiful ocean inspired palette of turquoise paired with sand gold and pure white, reflecting Dubai’s natural and new beauty.

The collection contains several silk robe styles such as a kimono and cocoon-shaped robe, draped elegantly on the body in stunning silk chiffon. The signature two piece pyjama set consists of a short-sleeved top with wide legged, cropped trousers in crepe silk offering a chic, beach-pyjama feel.

This exclusive collection is completed by a mid-calf lounge dress boasting three-quarter length sleeves which can be worn both for entertaining outside as much as it can be for lounging inside.

It’s needless to say that this fine collection by the British lingerie designer will turn heads, all items are handmade in London itself, using the highest-quality European and Chinese silks and bringing them to the very top end of the UAE.

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